The 6 Greatest Health Threats

Here you will find links to the 6 greatest nutritional health threats any human being faces, and the single greatest over-all health threat… that of subclinical infective agents… and what you need to do to adequately begin to address these threats.

This information is well documented, and directly relates to our present and future health. EVERY human being needs basic nutritional support to maintain good health. This support goes way beyond vitamins A, B, C, etc. This addresses Essential Nutrition every body needs to promote health and wellness!
There’s NO Magic Bullets to replace it, and NO amount of Fitness can replace it.

The bottom line is, unless you address THESE fundamental nutritional deficiencies and threats, all the other nutritional and natural “helps” in the world won’t make up for them.

Nutrition Essential 1: Digestive Enzymes!

Nutrition Essential 2: Intestinal Flora!

Nutrition Essential 3: Antioxidant Deficiency!

Nutrition Essential 4: Whole Food Vitamins!

Nutrition Essential 5: Whole Food Minerals!

Nutrition Essential 6 Weight Loss using Enzymes to actually digest fat!

7: Our Basic Health Philosophy