If you found this page, you either have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, or know someone who has Parkinson’s. This isn’t meant to be a discussion on what is known about the Parkinson process. Basically it is a degenerative disease of the nervous system that slowly incapacitates a person to varying degrees.

Below is a nutrition program that has been developed and utilized by Health Professionals for their Parkinson patients with very good to excellent results.

Obviously the closer you can follow this program, the better it will serve the nutritional needs your body has to slow down or reverse premature degenerative changes occurring.

If you have any questions about this, please ASK!

Parkinson Nutritional Protocol:

VITAL: Removal of chemicals from the system; NDF, Heavy Metal and Chemical Removal, for elimination of these agents. BETWEEN MEALS – NO FOOD

(See Parkinson’s Research Article on chemical causes). 

Nutritional Support:

Supplemental Products

    • Flax Seed Oil – Essential Fatty Acids – Very Important (Purchase at local natural food store, preferably organic)
    • Vitamin E; 2 Caps per day – obtain from your local natural food store, preferably all natural – no “DL Alpha” or “Acetate”)

Subclinical infective agent control: (Very Important)