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True health and wellness is a lifestyle based on Nature's
Law, not product hype or misinformation!

"doTERRA" Essential Oil Health products
Anti-inflammatory Enzymes
Artemesia and Clove: Parasite Cleansing
Bulk Organic Green, Vegetable and Fruit Juice Powders
Smaller quantities of Organic Green and Fruit Juice Powders
Candida: Discussion and Treatment
Celtic Sea Salt: Natural, mineral rich, healthy salt
Cetyl Myristoleate! Arthritis and Pain Support Breakthrough
Colostrum! Immune System Antibodies
Cytoflora - Lysed Probiotic Tincture: Immune System Modulators
MSM-GOLD; SYSTEMIC ENZYMES: Inflammation control, allergies, cardiovascular cleansing and support, joint and muscle pain.
Homeopathic Anti-Aging "Life-Enhancer": 19 proven anti-aging ingredients
Iodine: Bio-available iodine for cellular support
Liver Life: Liver support and detox
OxyQuest: Electrolytes of oxygen
Sea vegetables: Natural Seaweed Nutrition
Stem Cell Releaser: Activate natural stem cells for healing
Sulfur-MSM!: A major nutritional deficiency

Health and health care involves not just a simple supplement or product. It takes understanding what the natural system demands of us and what our bodies actually are dealing with from day to day. Our environment has been severely damaged by unnatural practices... land polluted with chemicals and diminished in nutrients, foods altered with chemicals and picked long before being nutritionally complete. Infective agents run rampant throughout our society, causing subclinical infections which produce toxins which slowly rob health and cause premature degenerative changes.

There is no "magic bullet" in any type of health supplement or natural nutrient. Health depends on addressing foundational elements such as sound nutrition, staying away from chemicals, additives, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, sugar, processed foods, etc., and supplying whole food nutrition in the way of organic food, whole food supplementation, where you can't get what you need from foods, and addressing the infective agents which most carry around with them every minute.

Pure Health Systems provides foundational health information to help educate people through the natural health articles and other natural health information, and then offers the best products available on the market which answer the needs we all have, in a genuine, naturally sound way.

Artemisinin: Adjunctive Cancer Support!
Beta-Glucan! Powerful Immune System "T" cell Support & Adjunctive Cancer Nutrition!
Hydrogen Peroxide:35% Food Grade - Anti-infective Natural Disinfectant for home, foods and pool/spa!
Iodine: Bio-available
Medicinal Mushroom: Adjunctive Cancer Nutrition and immune system support!
NDF™ Heavy Metal and Chemical Removal: Clinically Proven!
NDF® Focus - Chlorine Removal: Protect your children!
Acne: Lose it forever
Ageless Skin Anti-aging Hydration Mist: Remarkable and guaranteed results for face and body rejuvenation!
Fluoride poisoning: Danger for all of us!
Mental Health: Successful Psychological Counseling using EMDR
Muscle Spasms: Pain control, stretches, and facts to relieve your chronic aches...
Natural Dog Nutrition: Discussion and Sources!
Oxy2Go Sports/Recreation Portable Oxygen!
Organic Gardening!: Open pollinated seed sources and gardening information
Vaccinations: Resource information - Health threat
44 years natural health and nutritional experience to support your health care!

Natural vitamin and mineral whole food supplements, minimizing degenerative changes and maximizing health are the foundation to good health. A wholistic approach to health includes the correct program of natural vitamin, mineral, and other whole food supplements. Natural infective agent control, homeopathic remedies, and foundational nutritional supplements based on the latest research findings concerning human health needs insure health that is GENUINE.

True health and wellness is a lifestyle based on Nature's Law, not hype or misinformation!


Pure Health Systems BBB Business Review

Dr. Jeffrey T. Maehr, D.C. (Ret.)
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