Rendering plants and the Food YOU eat!

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Ignorance may be bliss, but here is another example of how we are slowly, but steadily, killing ourselves! Article is entitled, “The Dark Side of Recycling,” from the Fall, 1990, Earth Island Journal. “The rendering plant floor is piled high with “raw product”: thousands of dead dogs and cats; heads and hooves from cattle, sheep, [...]

Colostrum and Immunity

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Nutritional interventions for the immune system can begin early in life as a newborn. The first nutritional boost of the immune system occurs through breast-feeding. Breast-feeding during the first months of life conveys many nutritional benefits to the infant and decreases frequency and duration of acute respiratory infection and diarrhea. Many of the positive effects [...]


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Chiropractic Explained If you would like an email copy of this report, please send this Blank Email.This may seem to be a biased chapter in the book, but after I explain some foundational elements and try to clear up many wrong concepts, I think you will understand why I've included it. How does one [...]

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