As we are all aware, it is sometimes very helpful and reassuring to have a second opinion concerning a personal health problem. Most of us aren’t as trusting or willing to take just one opinion when it comes to our personal health or that of a loved one, especially when risk or added costs are involved.Most people today are better educated in the area of health than most were a decade ago. This, along with the obvious fact that, for the most part, modern medicine has failed to understand or address health problems from other than a rigid, closed-minded medical framework.

With health care costing us over $850 billion dollars a year, and growing yearly, it is obvious to most thinking people that something is missing. That’s where having a second opinion, or even third opinion for that matter, is vital to making a sound, informed decision.

Obtaining a second opinion or third opinion from medical or wholistic professionals is a wise step that could save you money, and more importantly, your health. Remember, traditional medicine should be considered as “last resort” measures. That is not to say that you should avoid having a medical opinion. It just means that you should look to wholistic, natural health care as your PRIMARY health care. THEN, if need be, utilize more drastic measures IN CONJUNCTION with the nutritional and other wholistic care you are implementing, if the situation warrants it.

Most natural health practitioners are willing to provide a FREE initial consultation regarding your health problem. When you make an appointment, be sure to have all your records with you so your case can be carefully considered. If you have lab tests or x-rays, try to have them sent, or better yet, reports faxed, to the doctor you will be seeing.
Prior to the visit, take some time to write down some questions you want to ask. If you know little or nothing about the type of health care you are looking into, it would be a good idea to gather some information before your visit. This information can be easily collected at any library, through the yellow pages listings for each particular discipline’s information service, and the various governing agencies or state boards.

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS. If you aren’t used to natural health care, you may have to adjust somewhat to typical practices. For instance, most natural health care practitioners are far more thorough in their questions. Diet, work and play habits, etc. Most of the “newness” should be within a generally defined field. It is my opinion that when you begin to get into what you will instinctively feel is “weird,” you are probably right.

Such things as the practice of Kineseology, which is using muscle strength, to determine how many pills you should take, or whether you have internal health problems that may not be obvious to you, is EXTREMELY risky. Having several friends with serious health problems misdiagnosed makes me very suspect. In addition, a double blind study done recently determined that there was NO evidence that Kineseology had any basis in fact.

Also, there may be some “new age” practices that will include such things as channeling spirits, using mineral crystals, magnets and such should NOT be your primary health care focus. If you desire such treatment, use it in CONJUNCTION with wholistic nutrition, fitness and biomechanical health care FIRST. Your health is too important to not address the most important points first and foremost.

A word of caution though. As with ANY health care profession, there are some wackos out there. If you can, try to get a referral from a friend or relative. You can also call the state board to see if there is any pending legal or disciplinary action against the professional. Even with this, you still want to be cautious in making commitments of any kind. Usually, though, after a visit, you will have a good feel for the office and people involved.

Lastly, remember that natural, wholistic health care ISN’T going to bring you instant good health. Improving your health can only work over the course of time, and takes a commitment on your part to see the treatment through. In addition, you have to realize that what you do at home and all the other time you are away from the doctor, is the MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF ALL. Unless you are committed to a way of life, just like you were committed to a way of life BEFORE you decided to make the change to a healthy lifestyle, you will be very disappointed. And the same way your old habits were easy, almost second nature, so will your commitment make your NEW lifestyle JUST AS EASY AND SECOND NATURE.