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NEW LOWER PRICES: We now have lower prices on most all of the below products.

  • Big Three Detox & Drainage Kit: Contains 1 each of apo-HEPAT- 50ml, ITIRES-50ml, RENELIX-50ml: $60.00 (Please note that the individual bottles below are 100ml size as compared to the 50ml in this kit)
  • Stress Buster Kit: Contains 1 each of NEU-regen – (exhaustion), PSY-stabil – (Anxiety) and DALAKTRO N – (Proper Mineral Absorption): $78.00
  • AILGENO: For stimulation and detoxification of the spleen and liver, treatment of spleen diseases and promoting a healthy metabolism: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • AKUTUR: Urological infections, bladder infection, kidney infection: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • Alkabase Powder: – 7 oz, $26.00
  • Alkabase Caps: 100 Caps, $26.00
  • apo-DOLOR: Migraines, nervous tension headaches, emotional stress headaches, muscle and joint pain: 3X, 50ml drops, $26
  • apo-ENTERIT: Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, portal vein stagnation and inflammation of the intestinal tract caused by infections and food poisoning, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome, stress headaches, muscle and joint pain: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • apo-HEPAT: The primary remedy for stimulating and regulating vital metabolic liver functions, which include the indispensable duties of excretion, detoxification and phagocytosis: 3X – 100ml drops, $38.00
  • apo-INFEKT: Bacterial and Viral infections: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • apo-OEDEM: General Edemas; heart, liver, kidney, lymphatic: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • apo-PULM Expectorant Syrup: Bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial congestion: 3X – 250ml syrup, $32.00
  • apo-RHEUM: Gout, muscular pain, neck stiffness, joint pain, neuralgia: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • apo-STOM: Stomach and intestinal function: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • apo-STRUM: Thyroid function: $26
  • apo-TUSS: Cough, laryngitis, hoarseness: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • New PEKANA BOLYM-EX Oral Drops: Created to Battle Lyme Disease Symptoms – $26

The new BOLYM-EX spag. oral drops are for treating Borrelia symptoms. The drops combine 11 synergistic ingredients – including spagyrically processed Avena sativa 4X, Berberis vulgaris 5X, Capsella bursa-pastoris 5X, Daphne mezereum 8X, and Piper methysticum 10X – to help resolve joint inflammation & pain, alleviate severe fatigue, reduce neurological symptoms, relieve neuralgias eliminate uric acid, and detoxify the body by promoting proper excretion and immune function.

“I see a lot of Lyme disease in my integrative practice, and, sadly, many patients present in the throes of severe neuromuscular symptoms,” said Kristine Gedroic MD, ILADS member and founder of The Gedroic Center for Integrative Medicine. “The BOLYM-EX oral drops have been a successful addition to the PEKANA Basic Drainage Kit or early drainage remedies to help alleviate inflammation, paresthesias, and even psychic stress. We look forward to continued use of this remedy for patients that warrant it.” BOLYM-EX spag. oral drops do not represent a standalone therapy or replacement for herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotics. Rather, the drops should be administered in support of a conventional medical or naturopathic treatment to help the body regain its balance.  Throughout treatment of chronic borreliosis, it is strongly recommended that BOLYM-EX spag. drops be combined synergistically with other powerful PEKANA remedies, appropriate to each patient case. $26

  • BRONCHI-PERTU: Asthma, whooping cough, laryngitis, painful coughs, emphysema: NEW 3X – 250ml syrup, $32.00
  • CANGUST: Preventative treatment, or follow-up therapy following a heart attack. Anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic properties that help coronary insufficiency and sclerosis, but DO NOT disrupt drug therapies: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • CARDINORMA: Cardiac insufficiency, heart muscle weakness, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, extrasystole, tachycardia, cardiac spasms; helps increase O2 utilization: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • CitriPlus: Acid-base balance and energy enhancement: 3X – 100ml drops, $26
  • CLAUPAREST: Arterial and venous circulatory disturbances: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • co-HYPERT: High Blood Pressure: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • coro-CALM: Cardiac sedative: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • DEFAETON: Regulates proper intestinal function and works as a gentle laxative; Also for spastic colic and nervous indigestion: 3X, 50 ml, $26
  • DALEKTRO N: Mineral electrolytes for electrolyte system support, and enzyme activity stimulation: 3X – 100ml drops, $38.00
  • DEMYC: Topical drops for hair, skin and nail fungus: 3X – 20ml drops, $15.50
  • DERCUT: Skin problems including acne, eczema, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, impetigo, itching dermatitis, psoriasis, carbuncles, and furuncles: 50 ml Drops, $25; 100 gram Ointment, $26.50
  • FERRODONA: Anemia: $26
  • FormiPlus: Arthritic and rheumatic conditions and support of allergy treatment: 3X – 100ml drops, $26
  • GLAUTARAKT: Glaucoma, cataracts and weak vision. Support for poor eye circulation, degenerative conditions, inflammation of iris and cornea and cloudy vision: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • GLUCORECT: Regulates blood sugar levels and helps general metabolic disturbances and diabetic ulcers: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • HABIFAC: Inherited disposition toward acute and chronic illnesses: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • HELMIN: Parasitic Infections: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • INFLAMYAR: Internal support for sports injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems, muscle strains, acute and chronic inflammation: 100 ml Drops, $38.00, 100g ointment, $26.50 – 35g ointment, $14.50; Pellets:480 Pellets/10g, $17.00
  • ITIRES: Local and systemic inflammation of lymphatic tissue, swollen lymph nodes, promotes lymph flow for detoxification: 3X – 100ml drops, $38.00.
  • JUVE-CAL: Helps restore the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of children and adults, combats nervous exhaustion, stimulates the appetite, Treats digestive disorders and eliminates overall tiredness and weakness: 3X – 250ml syrup, $32.00
  • KELAN Ointment: Topical treatment of scars and keloids, helping to reduce scars and inflammation: 35 GRAMS – $14.50
  • KLIFEM: Irregular menstruation, missed periods, breast tenderness, hot flashes and night sweats: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • LACTICPLUS: Metabolic Energy deficiency, exercise intolerance: 100 ml drops, $26
  • MUCAN: Yeast and fungal infections: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • MUNDIPUR: Elimination of toxic waste products in tissues and organs. Eliminates uric acid deposits: 3X – 250ml drops, $32.00
  • NEU-regen syrup: Mental, emotional and physical exhaustion; depression, irritability, memory loss, sleeplessness: 3X – 250ml syrup, $32.00
  • OKOUBAKA: Gastroenteritis, diarrhea, intestinal detoxification: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • OPSONAT: Chronic illnesses; long standing infections, recurring infections: 3x 100ml drops, $38.00
  • OSS-regen: Osteoporosis, ostitis, proper bone healing and prevention of degenerative bone disease: 3X – 100ml drops, $38.00
  • PLEVENT: Lipometabolic disturbances: Promotes proper fat metabolism and assists with weight loss: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • PROALLER: Wide variety of allergies; cleansing the tissues and blood of allergic toxins: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • PROSCENAT: Prostate infections, painful urination, chronic inflammation of same area: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • PSY-stabil: Emotional stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, restlessness and nervous exhaustion: 3X – 50ml drops, $26, 100ml drops, $38.00
  • RADINEX: Helps defend the body against the debilitating effects of radiation. Promotes the excretion of biologically incompatible electro-magnetic frequencies (cell phones, computers, power lines, etc.) from the connective tissue matrix: 3X – 100ml drops, $38.00
  • RENELIX: Kidney function, excretion of toxins, high uric acid levels: 3X – 100ml drops, $38.00
  • RICURA: Nose and sinus inflammation: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • SEPTONSIL: Tonsillitis, sore throats: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • SOMCUPIN: Sleep disturbances: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • SPECI-CHOL: Pancreatic disturbances: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • SUPREN: Adrenal failure; stimulates proper hormone production, detoxifying adrenal gland: 3X – 100ml drops, $38.00
  • THUJA: 50 ml Drops, $26
  • TOXEX: Toxin excretion; heavy metals (fillings), infectious toxins, food chemicals, etc: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • UPELVA: Painful menstruation: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • VISCUM: Cardiac and circulatory disturbances, adjunctive cancer therapy: 3X – 50ml drops, $26
  • VULPUR: 50 ml, $26
  • ZELLULISAN Ointment: Acute and chronic tendonitis, detoxification of connective tissue, cellulite (when combined with MUNDIPUR): 3X – 100 gram ointment, $26.50; 35 gram, $16.00


For alcohol issues, you can place dosage in 1 oz of warm water, wait 5 minutes to evaporate the alcohol off, and take.