Are you over 50?

One of the fastest growing segments of the population in our country is the over 50 group. The baby boomers are maturing, and along with this “maturing” comes an increased interest in health and quality of life. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that degenerative changes are dramatically increasing. These changes are more rapidly identified as we age, simply because we begin to experience the symptomatic results of doing things wrong for an extended period of time. Degenerative change does NOT suddenly begin. Degenerative changes are occurring every day of our lives. Some of us are supporting these changes full steam ahead. Others have learned to slow these changes down to some degree. There are a very few who have come to know how to MINIMIZE these changes and experience maximum health. As we age, we naturally begin to think more seriously about our lives and how much longer we may have to enjoy it. Being sick or in pain definitely limits our capacity to live.

You have the ability to intervene in your own health and to support your health the way it needs to be supported. Even if you are experiencing health problems, you can do a lot to minimize these problems or even eliminate them entirely. How? By simply applying the health laws to your own life. Unless you know WHY you are experiencing health problems, you won’t know how to address them.

For those of you who believe you are in “good” shape, the only proof you have is through asking this question. “Are you applying the right health laws to your life?” If you judge your health by symptoms or the lack of, then you are cheating yourself out of future good health. If you are not applying the right laws, then regardless of how you feel, you are promoting degenerative changes in your body and you will, sooner or later, experience the results. That is what so many of our family, friends and neighbors are experiencing right now. Their health has degenerated to the point where symptoms can no longer be avoided. The limitations of their genetic potential, and their health potential, have been reached. The end result is sickness and disease.

There is a vast amount of information you can access that will help you to better understand your own health potential, and to tap into that potential. Science and medicine have perfected the art of crisis management through drugs and surgery, however, is that the way you want to have to handle your health? Is that what YOU want to rely on for your quality of life? Are you content in taking medications for problems, and accepting the fact that you are growing old? A better way to view it, and more truthful, is that you are DEGENERATING old. Aging is a result of degenerative changes in your body.

We can’t stop these changes, but there are certainly many ways we can minimize these changes. There are also many ways we MAXIMIZE these changes. Bad diet, preservatives, additives, high fat, chemical exposure, polluted water, lack of exercise, pollution, stress, etc. All of these factors contribute to the aging process whether we like to admit it or not.

A simple study into the health of primitive tribes and cultures in other parts of the world reveal a simple fact that degenerative diseases are rare. WHY? Because the people are not promoting degenerative changes. Their lifestyles don’t promote tissue destruction. Their diets contribute to the body’s ability to repair, replace and defend itself where needed. it all boils down to the simple fact that unless we properly support our health, we WILL lose it.

So what can you do? Are you stuck where you are? Do you believe you have gone too far already? NO! It is almost NEVER too late to begin promoting good health, but you have to make the decision, and follow through with it. Obviously, we are all in different situations, both physically and financially, but at least we can do something. The more you apply good health principles and laws, the more you will benefit, and the faster you will experience those benefits.

You need to be aware of those elements that are missing, and the information regarding the 6 Greatest Health Threats you face. The best way to receive these elements is through your diet, but that is all too often difficult or impossible to do. The next best thing is to supplement your diet with the best Products of their kind.

The more you educate yourself on the basic issues of health, and distance yourself from degenerative substances in your lifestyle, the more you will notice the benefits. You have the choice. The only thing that matters is what is true. You can prove what is true to yourself by either studying the material, or through direct experience, or both. Health is built far faster than it is lost. The point is, unless you start, you can only continue to go backwards.

Feel free to request all of our health information so you can make an informed decision about your health and lifestyle. Visit Pure Health Systems Main Page for detailed information on health issues that pertain to you personally. We offer FREE articles and files on a variety of subjects. In our experience, the best proof you can find is through the actual application of health laws to your own life.

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