Each PEKANA medication possesses the distinct advantage of being both a high energy spagyric and a homeopathic. These remedies stimulate with their spagyric phytocomponents which provide an extra energy boost and regulate via the homeopathic properties of individual plant constituents. This powerful combination creates “supercharged” remedies that invigorate the body’s vital energy, act as immune system catalysts and promote more efficient cellular activity to help infected or weakened organ tissues resume normal function.

A key difference between spagyric therapy and standard homeopathics is that PEKANA uses only selected herb components, such as the blooming flowers or roots, and not the entire dried plant. To ensure quality and purity, PEKANA constantly tests and analyzes the different remedy constituents. The company extracts all of the vital energy out of each plant and the environment where it grew (via mineral deposits) using the spagyric processing method. This enables PEKANA to produce the highest quality mother tincture essential for truly effective medications.

Another important distinction exists between the healing potential of single homeopathics and complex spagyric medications. Although classic homeopathic medicines that contain one plant substance may be ideal for treating disease where the patient manifests only one symptom, illnesses today are generally multi-causal. PEKANA’s homeopathic spagyric remedies therefore combine specific plants that 1) provide a beneficial effect on individual organs, and 2) complement one another to address several conditions concurrently. For example, it is well known that an insufficiency in one organ may detrimentally affect several others. If the liver is burdened by a toxic load, the problem also influences the heart, kidneys, stomach and intestines to some extent. Much like several coworkers who combine their strength to lift a heavy object, the complementary spagyric components help resolve each specific organ weakness, enabling the body to experience genuine healing.