Natural vs Medical health Care… is there a difference?

Natural supplements are by far the best source of nutrition next to diet. Synthetic and chemical copy cats can actually harm health and the body views chemical vitamins as poisons and has to deal with them as such. With the foundation we have previously laid, let’s understand the issue. We’ve learned that nature designed the body to function under specific laws. That means certain causes will bring specific results. The body is designed to digest food, heal wounds, clean itself, fight disease, etc. all according to a specific set pattern. It works by itself without any aid from us. But because man cut himself off from natural nutrition and replaced it with chemical supplements, it is inevitable that problems would result. Remember that the farther drift away from proper health practices, and the longer we continue that way, the worse the problems become.Today, we have more synthetic chemical compounds than some species of animals. And, daily, more being manufactured. Is there really any difference between using more “natural” means of health care and the more “chemical” means? Yes and no. There is no question that many lives have been saved through drugs and surgery. So is there really anything wrong with that approach? After all, aren’t all the chemicals and drugs we have “natural”, since they come from the earth in some way? they did come from the earth. That is true, BUT where we have slipped the track is in believing that we can simply do what we want when it comes to rearranging what nature has created. What man is doing is taking natural substances and arranging them, or in some way altering them into a form NOT found in nature.

We’re not talking about digitalis, or the many other truly NATURALLY OCCURRING elements which man has taken and concentrated, although even doing that can be just as dangerous using a synthesized compound. We mean the “creation” of NEW substances which nature did not make in the beginning or nature could never combine by itself.
Taking something already provided nature and using it as a tool for our healing is one thing. But creating and using countless unnatural drugs and compounds simply overlooks the basics.

So does that mean medical means of health care is ALL wrong? No, obviously not. It is just important to understand WHY we need such means in the first place. Man has gone so far off track in his health habits, and hurt this planet so much with pollution and filth, that nature itself has been affected to the point that in many cases it literally takes drastic, “unnatural” steps to be able to save some lives. We have gone so far outside nature’s protective health laws that sometimes even beyond doing all that you possibly can to practice good health principles, the body has already gone beyond the limitations of matter and can only be saved by emergency procedures.

The problem is that we have come to accept this whole state of affairs as the normal way to deal with much less serious health problems. Yes there are some apparent benefits from drugs, and from some surgery performed. But ask yourself seriously, do you really believe that it is the lack of drugs or surgery which caused you to become sick in the first place? Are headaches an aspirin deficiency? Is sickness and disease a drug deficiency? Is treating the affect you feel and see really the answer to why you are sick in the first place?

Antibiotics revolutionized medicine and have saved many lives. Yet they are used on a casual, indiscriminate basis for many conditions. Sometimes the body needs the added help but it usually when there are underlying factors contributing to the bodies inability to fight off the infection on its own. They weaken the bodies already weak resistance thereby making a future infection more likely. It’s like a dog chasing his tail. The faster he chases his tail the faster the tail goes. The more we surrender to outside intervention, the more circles we go in. We are missing the point in treating symptoms only. It’s a recipe for disaster.

When you work with natural elements in nature, you are treating the affect, yes, but ALSO THE CAUSE, at the same time. By working within nature’s designed natural laws, you are simply providing the often times missing ingredient the body needs to repair, replace, and defend itself, or providing necessary care that all falls within nature’s designed system. Chemicals produce definite affects on the human body and have done remarkable things. They ARE necessary in various aspects of health care but, in most cases, only because we have gotten so far off track. We can’t try “all natural” and ignore the medical help that is available. What is emphasized is using “medicine” as a stepping stone, IF NEEDED, and begin putting to practice nature’s health principles. Then and only then will you be on the road to real health recovery.

If we accepted the natural order to things, then we will begin to better understand health and sickness. Because we do live in an unnatural environment of pollution, noise, stress, poor food quality, deficient exercise opportunities, unhealthy work environments, and more, we of necessity have to apply nature’s health principles and provisions in an “unnatural” way. Because the affects we are experiencing from our environment are what they are, we HAVE to be not only diligent in following proper health principles, but we need to take more drastic steps in order to combat the unnatural forces that will sooner or later hurt our health.

For example, living in a city vs living in the country. The more assaults the body must deal with, the more nutrients it needs to maintain things as they should be. The stress of noise, the affects of pollution on the immune system and other aspects of city living generate a greater need such basic substances as vitamin A and C, zinc, etc. Living under those conditions warrants additional supplements to offset the greater losses.

In a natural environment, simple natural health principles are sufficient. But in an unnatural environment, it logically takes MORE of the same to maintain a specific degree of health. Even what some may consider a good health plan will in many cases be insufficient to remain healthy. it When you add up all the abuses we receive by way of the air, water, food, soil, noise and stress, it is easy to see how the need for a wise and balanced health plan is essential. If you drive a car at mph, it uses more gas than at 50 mph. With our bodies it is the same. If we give ourselves a “50 mph” food supply, and we naturally travel at “80 mph”, you can see that there will be a problem sooner or later.

In all that you may read and hear regarding health principles, remember to check them against the foundation provided by natural law. Using drugs and surgery if absolutely necessary, as tools is one thing. They can be great HELPS when you use them in conjunction with a continuing natural health plan. Even those who are dependent upon certain drugs to live such as insulin, or dilation still apply the natural health principles. But to depend upon an artificial system other than where it life and death issue will bring problems. We can’t be affecting the human body with every manner of food, drug or medication and not be paying a price somewhere. Treating symptoms is the same turning off a buzzing smoke detector. It’s great to get rid of the noise, but it doesn’t do anything to put out the fire. Cause and affect. We are making payments toward our future health account every day. Are you willing to live with your “health savings plan?”

A topic which is always hotly debated is whether there is any difference between synthesized vitamins or natural source vitamins. By now you are probably way ahead of me. Most synthetic vitamins are manufactured from oil. That’s right, OIL. The same oil which is the precursor for thousands of other products we use every day, including gasoline for our cars. You might be wondering what oil could possibly have to do with nutrition and health. The answer is, of course, nothing. Well, actually there IS a relationship. MONEY! Synthesizing “vitamins” from oil is extremely cheap. As technology progressed, we were able to isolate various “vital amines” which is what we derive the word “vitamin” from. Because we were already off track with our thinking about nature, we logically concluded that conjuring up COPIES of these “vital amines” would be as good but cheaper than using the real thing. This line of thinking fits into the mold of our adversarial relationship with the natural world.

Unfortunately, it too has proven to be an extremely poor, if not hazardous, practice. Synthesized vitamins, by their very nature, are only copies of what we, looking through the eyes of technology and bias, could see. We assume that what we see is all there is to see. Beyond seeing the understanding of how these vital amines work within the natural system. Once again, we overlook some extremely important facts.


One last area for discussion along this topic is in regard to effectiveness of natural remedies vs chemical affects. In working with patients over the years I have come to see a distinct pattern in how they respond to various medicines. There is a direct correlation in most cases between how often and to what extent the patient utilizes chemical intervention and their overall health condition vs a patient who rarely uses any chemical substances for treatment and is closely tied to the natural system.

In some cases it is futile to try to affect the body with natural remedies such as herbs and homeopathic medicines when individuals continue to confound their bodies with medications, which cause dramatic reactions. An analogy will help. In a war situation, why use a nuclear bomb when a BB gun could do the trick? Once the bomb has been used, what good will use of the BB gun be? The affects of the BB would hardly be noticed. It did its job but created little or no “side affects.”

The idea is the same with the human body. The body has been conditioned to “nuclear” tactics and responds to the dramatic and often instant affects of chemical substances. To instantly begin using a different tactic in approaching your health problem can seem very ineffective because results aren’t often dramatic and instantaneous, especially because of the conditioning our bodies, mention our minds, have received. It takes a period of healing and reconditioning, “re-sensitizing” your system to the more subtle and gentle system which nature uses.