If you haven’t noticed by now, the rewarding aspects of life DON’T come simply and easily for most people. Some may stumble into success, but that is the rare exception. It is a fact of life that if you want to succeed, you ABSOLUTELY MUST APPLY EFFORT WITH DIRECTION. That is, you need the right goal, coupled with the drive and desire to see it through, but you also need something just as important. . .Your Health! That is probably the most important thing in life. You may have a lot of money, but if you don’t have your health, what good is the money? On the other hand, if you have good health, you have the opportunity to achieve wealth. There’s always HOPE for succeeding. Imagine if there were a way to GUARANTEE, not only your health, but wealth also? Would you be interested? That’s why our prime business and health opportunity BEGINS WITH HEALTH, which is the foundation from which this article is written.

Whether you realize it or not, health AND wealth are not a matter of luck or hype. They are based on REAL LAWS which affect what we do and what we achieve. You may not have thought about it before, but wealth and health are the RESULT OF THE APPLICATION OF LAWS IN YOUR LIFE. These laws are real, and they can bring success and health to ANYONE who applies them, OR they can break ANYONE who ignores them, which far too many people are already experiencing.

During the course of your life, how important is health to you? Is it only important when you are young so you can enjoy life? Is it important when you are 40 or 50 or 60? Do you PLAN to be sick and diseased when you are older? Do you PLAN to be broke or poor or just making it when you retire? IF YOU AREN’T PLANNING AND WORKING, NOW, NOT TO BE IN THAT CONDITION, THEN YOU ARE PLANNING TO BE IN THAT CONDITION! There is no other result that can occur.

If we are not aware of the laws that govern our health and our ability to succeed, HOW ON EARTH CAN ANYONE ACHIEVE EITHER? Have you ever wondered WHY so many DON’T have health and DON’T have wealth? It is because they DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH BEHIND EITHER. Most people consider it LUCK that someone becomes successful. Why do you think the lottery and gambling are so popular? Did you realize that a recent study revealed that the average person spends $2000 a year on gambling? How many of those people do you think are financially independent right now? If you are under the impression that “LUCK” is what you need to work with to be a success, then you are cheating yourself out of the time, money and drive you could be applying in a direction that WILL produce results. Do you realize how much of a home business you can build for $2000? So many live on the HOPE that “something” will happen to change their situation. They waste money in countless directions HOPING that “something” will turn for them. The sad fact is, most people live and die in that same “hopeful” state, never achieving their dreams of good health or financial independence.

What is the answer? First, you have to decide that you want something more out of life. Believe it or not, many people give lip service to making changes in their lives, but don’t really want to DO anything to bring those changes about. How many times do we hear people talking about this great plan or that scheme, but NEVER go anywhere? Sometimes, it is OUR fault that we fail, and sometimes it is because we DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW TO SUCCEED OR IMPROVE HEALTH. Lip service and hope won’t bring success.

Second, you have to understand that there are real Laws at work, and HOW TO PLUG INTO THEM. As sure as the law of gravity is, these laws of health and wealth are JUST AS SURE. How many people do you know of who could tell you these laws? How many people do you know who HAVE the success and health they want? How many people do you suppose THINK they have health, and THINK they are on the road to success with this company or that opportunity?

Third, unless you take that desire, drive and knowledge of laws, and APPLY it toward a specific goal, how can you think you will succeed? It is far easier to “HOPE AND WAIT” FOR that something that MANY companies involved with health and financial security promise. They make it sound like within two months, you will be financially secure.

They hype up many of their products with stories, fancy talk and even some lies, simply to play on your natural desires to succeed. We sometimes want to succeed so much or want to improve our health so badly, that we are willing to place our HOPE in anything or anyone that comes along with something that can keep that “hope” alive. Why do you think there are so many “opportunities” coming your way every day?

If you can afford to risk the time and money in many of these opportunities, go for it. Odds are that after you have gone through enough, you might get one to work. How many “opportunities” do you have under YOUR belt? How many “successful” businesses have YOU started? How much better is YOUR health as a result of these opportunities? How many people do YOU know that have hit you up to join their “guaranteed” success company? How many people have YOU hit up with the same? How much money have YOU spent on these opportunities over the years?

Do you wonder WHY there is so much bad press on health and wealth companies? If you don’t apply the right laws, regardless of the company or opportunity, how can you possibly succeed? What exists on earth that the law of gravity DOESN’T affect? How do you get around the law of gravity? YOU DON’T. Even if you fly, you are still being influenced by the law of gravity. Well, the same is true in health and wealth. Regardless of what you try to do, unless you are working WITH these laws, then THEY are WORKING AGAINST YOU.

Are these laws difficult to understand? NO! Are they “hidden” and “mysterious?” NO! They are actually simple. They pivot on TWO character traits. PERSISTENCE AND PATIENCE! How many times have any of us been seduced into the “quick buck” program? How often do we hear about how much money we can make with this or that company? How many “great stories” have we heard about this product or that product and how important to health it is? Even WITH these laws, if you don’t apply them in the right direction, you will STILL LOSE. What do you believe has a better chance of succeeding? Working WITH the truth or working AGAINST it? The law of gravity is a “truth.” Would you rather work WITH it or AGAINST it? How “successful” do you think you will be jumping off the Empire State building? If you understand this analogy, then ask yourself, “How can I be successful or healthy if I am NOT working WITH the laws that govern health and wealth?”

You need the right understanding of these laws, and HOW to apply them in your personal life. To make a long story shorter, if you haven’t done your homework, and researched the facts and truth about health and then you will be wasting your time where you are NOW. Do you want 25% of your money and effort producing results, or 50, 75 or 100% producing results?

If you relate to any of this, then you may have the necessary qualifications to achieve your dreams. If you don’t, you can educate yourself in the right direction. It is NEVER TOO LATE TO START ON THE RIGHT ROAD. Fear and laziness are the two biggest cripplers we face. If you can overcome those two foes, then you can DEFINITELY achieve success.

Let us help you with your health AND your future financial security. Don’t allow past misinformation or bad experiences to deter you from making the choice to change your life. IT IS A CHOICE AND IT IS YOURS. No one else is responsible for it. YOU choose to be healthy and financially secure or YOU choose to drift through life “hoping” to be blown close enough to important things in life for you to gain a piece. That is a miserable way to live a life, I know, because I use to do it and I reaped what I sowed. . . NOTHING! I learned the hard way but at least I LEARNED. What is YOUR choice in life?

Pure Health Systems is the place to begin your quest for true health information, genuine health, and financial independence. Every possible kind of help and support is available through our team of experts and professionals, for you to reach your goals. You just need to plug into the RIGHT goal and use the RIGHT LAWS within your own comfort zone. The choice is yours now. Join our team FOR FREE. EDUCATE YOURSELF FOR FREE. Make an informed choice, one that you have personally reviewed and PROVEN to yourself. Unless you do that much, you won’t succeed even where you are now. Want a new mission in life? CREATE AND EXPERIENCE IT. Many are doing just that. It all comes down to YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE!!!!

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