Friendly intestinal flora Bacteria Depletion!

Here are 2.6 billion reasons to use probiotic support

That’s the number of intestinal flora “friendly bacteria” found in just two capsules of our product. Unfortunately, a poor diet, emotional upset and psychological pressures can rob your body of intestinal flora such as acidophilus, and cause devastating, long-term health problems. Our probiotic is a simple, natural solution.
Keep in mind that bad (very unfriendly) flora can release toxins which circulate throughout your body and cause other tissue damage.

-Assists with the body’s “second immune system” and wards off disease by suppressing harmful bacteria.
Promotes longevity.

-Proven to help improve digestion and elimination.
-Offers the highest quality stabilized flora with over 2.6 billion units of flora from 12 different friendly bacteria species in just two capsules.

-Produce some enzymes essential to proper intestinal function.

-Guarantees maximum nutritional benefit;

Don’t trust your health to chance. Nourish it with the intestinal flora it needs with our flora support.

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