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One of the fastest growing hobbies in the US is gardening. However, the vast majority of gardeners utilize hybrid seed to plant in their gardens. “SO WHAT,” YOU SAY?

Most of the world’s staple crops are a “monocultural genetic stock.” That is, the genetic base for these seeds has become very limited through selective breeding for specific advantages. In this process, much of the natural genetic protection inherent in the variety which was once used, is lost. This makes the entire country-wide crop susceptible to drought or disease and insect infestation.

It is just a matter of time before such an event occurs in this and other countries. Once this happens, (and we HAVE seen this already happen in isolated areas) there will be little reserve, and NOTHING to fall back on . . .

UNLESS . . .

you have taken the precautions of placing yourself in the position of being able to supply your own food and sustainable seed supply.


  1. Hybrid seeds are good for one generation of plants. This means that, in MOST cases, the seed from THESE seeds, can’t be used the next year by you to plant MORE plants.
  2. This makes you dependent on an outside source for your garden seed, and costs money every year to replace.
  3. The genetic stock which is supplied by hybrid seeds is quite limited, which means that most gardeners miss out on a huge variety of flavors, types of vegetables AND the genetic protection inherent in open-pollinated seed stock.
  4. Many hybrids are less nutritious, less resistant to drought and insects, and more dependent on chemicals to support their growth.

You NEED Open-pollinated, organic vegetable seed stock for your garden. These seeds are NOT hybrid, and offer you a vast variety of NEW flavors and OLD SPECIES, AND assure that healthy genetic varieties get passed around before they disappear, AS THEY ARE DOING BY THE DAY!

Take the time to look into this subject more carefully, and realize the situation most western nations are in, as we speak. It doesn’t take a genius to realize how dependent our society is on outside support. What are YOU doing to plan for an emergency???

Open Pollinated and Organic Seed and Information Sources!


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