Being “fit” does NOT mean you are healthy!

Ever since I was a child, I can remember a basic concept that most everyone believed. It was simply that if you were physically fit, you were healthy. If you could run, jump, throw a ball, swing a bat, and you did it regularly, you were certainly healthy. Somehow we concluded that activity equaled being healthy, and inactivity equaled not being healthy. Unfortunately, this concept is not only false, it is dangerously misleading.

As I have so often stated in past articles, health involves a way of life, but it is far more than the act of staying fit. Fitness involves activity of some sort that stimulates various systems of the body and maintains a certain condition within the body.

Health, on the other hand, involves EVERY system of the body, and is only achieved through a life style that supports health. For instance, if a patient of mine tells me that they have neglected eating properly, ignored the fat content and type foods, ate mostly processed foods and chemical laden preparations, all the exercise in the world couldn’t possibly correct the damage done from such a life style. Exercise won’t remove the damage from chemicals, or improve immune system damage or weakness from depleted foods.

Only sound nutrition can support good health. Of course, fitness can ALSO support health and WILL improve health if it is part of a WAY OF LIFE. Our health is mainly the result of thousands of daily nutritional decisions. We make our future what we do every day of our lives. How many professional athletes do we know of who have either dropped dead on the basketball court, or are now having serious health problems later in life?

Fitness is a vital aspect of good health. It can stress, burn unwanted fat, improve energy levels, decrease depression and improve academic performance, among other things. However, fitness needs to be utilized properly to achieve a desirable result. I’ve discussed the role of enzymes in losing fat in previous articles. But the body won’t burn the for energy if there is no NEED for the energy. It’s not like the enzyme lipase will simply burn the fat away. The fat has to have a place to go, and it won’t go anywhere even WITH lipase present, unless we are generating a need for the energy fat can provide.

Over the past several years, research has been done in area of muscle development and weight loss. When we properly understand how the body uses energy, and how to work WITH the body’s physiology, amazing things can occur. For instance, research out of Arizona has proven that certain combinations of enzymes, nutrients and exercise can actually produce muscle 2X better than anabolic steroids. Hard to believe, but when you understand the natural system and work with it, you can do great things.

Natural body builders and professional athletes have already tested the research and found it to be true. It is going to be making a dramatic impact in the area of health and fitness. This same research has also shown that weight loss, the nemesis vast majority of people, is VERY possible. The right nutrients, enzymes and exercise has proven to remove unwanted weight and tone muscle. Of course, this is in addition to a sound diet. There is nothing free when it comes to losing weight or building muscle, but with the right knowledge, AND THE DESIRE TO SEE IT THROUGH, you can certainly accomplish a great deal.

Health and fitness research information is growing by day. For those who have access to the Internet, you can find loads of information in the area of health. If you have a web browser, you can use one of the search engines to isolate specific topics you are interested in. While on the net go to Natural Resources to learn more about the fitness and sports research, along with other information on health, live cell blood analysis, enzymes, etc.
We are living in the best era for achieving health and fitness the natural way, the way that has no side affects or penalties doing something the wrong way. By simply educating yourself, you provide yourself with the POWER to make significant changes in your health and life.