by Barry Forbes The Tribune/Thompson Newspaper
Sunday, February 7, 1999

ABC’s 20/20 broke the media taboo two weeks ago. For the first time in recent memory, a major network is asking the question: Can a vaccination kill or seriously maim for life?

Under attack worldwide, hepatitis B vaccine was the subject of 20/20’s Who’s Calling The Shots. In France, a national “hep B” school vaccination program was halted after the vaccine was connected to multiple sclerosis. In Canada, angry Manitoba parents went to court to protect 18,000 fourth grade students. In Wyoming, New Hampshire, Illinois and other states, parents are revolting.

In the U.S. alone, the vaccine has been responsible for a staggering 17,497 reported adverse reactions (1990-98.) Of those reports, 5,983 involved life- threatening health problems, hospitalization, disablement and death. Worse, former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler estimated that only 10% of vaccine reactions are actually reported. Thus, actual adverse reactions from Hepatitis B vaccine are dramatically higher than indicated. 20/20 featured 4-year-old Ronnie Allen, his Hep. B vaccine “mandated” before entering preschool in suburban St. Louis. He received his shot the day before Halloween, and almost didn’t make it to Christmas. Ronnie was diagnosed with a rare, painful, life-threatening form of arthritis. So far he’s had 10 chemotherapy treatments; he’ll require medication for as long as he lives.

In Porterville, California, Debbie Parker’s son Matthew died in her arms after being immunized with Hep. B vaccine. The local sheriff threatened Debbie with murder charges.

Last September, five-week-old Lyla Rose the only child of Michael and Lorna Belkin of New York died in bed beside her mother, just 16 hours after her shot. Michael Belkin is distraught, angry at the medical complex. “They emphatically denied it could be the vaccine,” he told me. “Yet my brother-in-law, a British physician, immediately made the connection.” In his autopsy report, the New York coroner refused to mention Lyla Rose’s swollen brain a classic vaccine adverse reaction.

“Vaccines do a lot of good things for people,” he told Belkin.

What’s going on?

Like AIDS, hepatitis B is spread through blood or body fluids. People at risk include junkies, gays, prostitutes, promiscuous heterosexuals and hepatitis B positive mothers. Since the government can’t get these folks to take the vaccine, Public Health mandated that all babies must be vaccinated at birth. In 1996, only 54 children in the 0-1 age group contracted hepatitis B. 3.9 million children were born that year, making the incidence an infinitesimal 0.001 per cent for babies less than a year old. The disease is so rare for newborns that they’re not even mentioned on the Centers for Disease Control hepatitis fact sheet.

“How is a baby possibly going to get hepatitis B,” Belkin asks? “It is ridiculous to give this vaccine to a child. I wish we’d known that before Lyla Rose received the vaccine. No one told us.” The National Vaccine Information Center is sending an urgent notice of hepatitis B vaccine adverse effects to every pediatrician in the U.S.
Check out these horrifying side effects: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), multiple sclerosis, lupus, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and other central demyelinating diseases including transverse myelitis and optic neuritis; and immune system dysfunction including chronic arthritis.

Obviously, the public is a huge loser in this enduring nightmare. Who wins? The foxes in charge of the hen house are vaccine manufacturers Merck and Smithkline Beecham, both safely shielded from vaccine adverse effect lawsuits under U.S. law. Merck alone is pulling in close to $1 billion a year in vaccine revenues, not too difficult when bureaucrats and governments mandate shots.

“I don’t truly believe that those illnesses were caused by vaccine,” Merck’s Dr. Robert Sharrar told 20/20. Really, Doctor? Do you really believe that tens of thousands of adverse reactions and hundreds of deaths “just happened?”

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, a pioneering cellular biologist at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine, has moved into the forefront of hep B adverse reaction medical research. In certain people, she says, “a genetic component sets off an explosive chain of events after they receive the vaccine. Within a month, most of these people have completely debilitating lifestyle changes.” Who is calling the shots? If you decide that hepatitis B vaccine isn’t for your child, you are. You alone have the right and the moral obligation to say no. To avoid killer vaccines like hep B, every state offers at least one of three exemptions medical, religious, and philosophical. Many offer all three.

Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, this useless, dangerous pharmaceutical nightmare can be categorically avoided. It is as it should be your call.

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