How we are totally destroying our Immune Systems.

(Be sure to check out the problem of Subclinical Infections and how they are an unknown and unrealized major threat to health).

Over 1/2 of the U.S. population is at high risk of debilitating illness from infectious disease. Why?

History shows that in nearly every century, humankind is subject to some form of infectious bacteria (microbe) that causes epidemics of death and disease. We’ve all heard of Bubonic Plague, but look at the 20th century alone and you will find several very alarming outbreaks of infectious disease that have been and still are of grave concern to our populations. In the early 1900’s an outbreak of the influenza virus was responsible for deaths that were in the millions. Hospitals became temporary morgues and families were devastated in very short periods of time. Currently we live in fear of life-threatening viruses that have no known cure. The eighties saw the rapid rise to infamy of the AIDS virus, the nineties gave us Mad Cow disease, E. Coli outbreaks and the Gulf War Syndrome.


H. Pylori, a common bacterium found in humans, is now shown to be the major cause of stomach ulcers. More than 35% of adult Americans are infected with this microbe. Dr. Floyd Dewhirst, molecular biologist and dentist at the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston states that in one human mouth there is more individual bacteria than the number of people on earth! According to leading medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker, many “modern” diseases can be linked to microbial infection such as bowel disease, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, allergies, Chronic Fatigue and many more (a partial list is provided at the end of this article).

For the last 20 years, we have been threatened by the various degenerative diseases such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, etc. It’s not that these are any less threatening, it’s just that we have become almost helpless to this new threat with no real hope in sight! WHY?

Widespread use of antibiotics not only by the medical profession but the extreme high levels of use by the livestock industry has left many of us in the dangerous position of having increased resistance to antibiotics. Each year over 16 million pounds of anti-biotics are used in animal feed. If you eat beef, pork, chicken, veal, etc., you are getting anti-biotics in your food possibly every day! What happens if we need them and they don’t work? Not only that they won’t work, but even more insidious is the upset of the flora (good bacteria) balance in our intestinal tract and destruction of good bacteria as well as bad. “Antibiotic” means “against life.” Can you imagine the constant war going on in your gut as your food and lifestyle kill these good organisms? Rather ironic that there is this double-edged sword that may save lives but the way they are currently used, will endanger lives. The flora in our intestinal tracts is commonly known as our “second immune system.” These friendly microbes will attack dangerous bacteria that shouldn’t be there. But what if they are killed off inadvertently by antibiotic misuse?

Sounds bad, but it gets even worse. The new emerging threat that could be hundreds of times worse than antibiotic resistance is looming on the horizon. DESTRUCTION OF OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. There is a growing problem that is being fostered on the American population by big drug companies. Something that we are bombarded by each and every day. A totally illogical concept that is being drilled into our psyches by the mass media of TV, radio, magazines, billboards, you name it. Over half of our population already spends more than 500 million dollars per year on these potentially devastating products. What could possibly be this destructive? ANTACIDS!!!! These chewable tablets, liquids or over the counter pills pose the most imminent threat to tens of millions of users of these seemingly harmless products. How can this be?? Here’s the real story.

Why do people suffer from “acid indigestion?” What is the reason that the stomach produces excess acid? Yes, our diets are not the best and we don’t chew our foods properly, but what is missing from our food that would take the burden off of our stomach and relieve the stress of digestion on the body and at the same time provide excellent support to the immune system? The answer is — ENZYMES!!! These essential elements are necessary for ALL chemical functions in the body including activating various white blood cells in order for them to fight invaders in our systems. But their primary function in our first line of defense is to help the digestion in the upper portion of the stomach so that when the chyme (partially digested food) reaches the lower portion of the stomach, not as much hydrochloric acid is produced.

This totally ELIMINATES the need for antacids since a normal amount of acid will be produced since the food has been digested properly and completely. Also, most of our food that is cooked or processed and contains no enzyme activity will rot and ferment in the stomach causing acids to be formed along with gas, bloating, discomfort and other symptoms of indigestion. Still, how is this of paramount importance? Here’s the key to this whole scenario. Hydrochloric acid is our body’s first line of defense against orally ingested bacteria. If we use antacids, we neutralize HCL and leave our bodies wide open to the ravages of all types of bacteria. On a daily basis we ingest E. Coli and many other toxic agents such as Chloridia, P. Pascidida, Influenza, Hepatitis B., and hundreds more. Essentially one half of the population is highly susceptible to all forms of infectious disease.

What would happen, for instance, if an anti-biotic resistant strain of influenza were to take a foothold in the U.S.? It could create a state of emergency that we would be powerless against. What about the threat of terrorism in the U.S.? We now are aware of the fact that many terrorist based countries are stockpiling bacteriological weapons that can wipe out entire cities in days simply by adding these toxic forms of bacteria to our water supplies! Sound far-fetched? After nearly five years our government is finally admitting that tens of thousands of our troops were indeed exposed to low-level doses of chemical and bacteriological weapons in the Gulf War. Just an incidental contact has created invalids of thousands of previously healthy, robust soldiers.

What we must do is strengthen our immune systems since this is our only real hope against the coming “Plagues of the 21st Century.” Children and the elderly are the most susceptible to these problems. Children do not have properly developed immune systems and the elderly have weakened immune function and reduced HCL production since it begins to decrease after age 25. Do we want our children and grandchildren to have a chance for a healthy future or do we want to condemn them to living in the fear of a simple germ becoming a deadly threat? Let’s start by supplying our bodies with enough enzymes to create normal, healthy digestion and totally eliminate the word “antacids” from our vocabulary.

Enzymes are the key to normal digestive function. If we ate all of our food raw we would not need extra enzymes each day. This is impractical for most and impossible for some. Cooking, microwaving, steaming, canning and any kind of processing kills all of the enzymes in our food. Also, carbonation (soda, beer, etc.) is deadly since it too destroys enzymes that the body tries to produce. Enzymes are so valuable to the body that they are one of the two markers used by scientists to determine death in an animal or organism. Brain function and enzyme activity. If you don’t have these — you’re dead! It is common in nature that when enzyme activity ceases, death occurs.

Secondly, let’s replenish and re-establish the ultra-important “good” intestinal bacteria that has been almost completely destroyed in most people. Ideally, we should have over three pounds of favorable flora in our guts but most of us are lucky if we have any. This can be easily done by using a full-spectrum probiotic (meaning “in support of life”) capsule taken with meals to give us back our “Second Immune System” and help us regain total health.

Let’s take a test. See if you or a loved one may have weakened immune function. Do you notice any of the following conditions? Indigestion, constipation, fatigue, aching joints, gas, bloating after eating, tiredness after eating, food allergies or sensitivities, asthma, psoriasis and other skin problems, myalgias, memory losses, shortness of breath, frequent colds or flu, chronic sickness; these conditions could mean trouble in the very near future. The problems are monumental and growing daily. Are there solutions to The Plagues of the 21st Century? You bet there are!! Following is an outline for improving your immune function and greatly decreasing your chances of contracting one of the killer diseases waiting impatiently for your weakened, defenseless system.

  • 1. For systemic support against poor health, your need a strong anti-infective product which can reach the infective agents which are hiding within the tissues. Our Homeopathic line has powerful anti-infective agents which helps your body eliminate clinical and subclinical infections of all kinds.
  • 2. You Must Improve Your Digestion — Get off of antacids immediately! Use a full range plant enzyme formula to get complete digestion of all the different foods you eat. Digest-a-Meal is one of the world’s best enzyme product. Over two years in development, Digest-A-Meal is the answer to the terrible damage of antacids in the body. For a detailed look at this product, please go to the above link.
  • 3. You Must Replace The Bad Bacteria In Your Intestinal Tract With Good Bacteria — Reverse the damage done by the antibiotics you’ve taken or eaten in your foods. Total Flora Support (probiotic means “in support of life”;) will provide the protection you need from the toxic microbes by regenerating the 3-4 pounds of good bacteria you need to help rebuild your immune system.
  • 4. Colostrum: Immune factors for health and healing. Supplying Nature’s Growth factors, Immune Enhancement and modulating nutrition.
  • 5. Beta-Glucan: Effective against Anthrax and Cancer in mice, both prophylactically – 100% effective (taken as a supplement before the problem) and clinically – 80% effective (after contact).

Some Clinical Disorders That Respond To Increased Use Of Enzymes And Probiotics.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Environmental Illness
Cryptogenic Skin Conditions
(e.g. acne, psoriasis, dermatitis)
Intestinal Infections
Malnutrition Malabsorption
Crohn’s Disease Aging
Ulcerative Colitis Food Allergy
(e.g. eczema, urticaria)
Irritable Bowel Disease Chronic Hepatitis
Celiac Disease Chronic Pancreatitis
Inflammatory Joint Disease Pancreatic Carcinoma
Giardiasis Endotoxemia
Specific Food Intolerance Thermal Injury
Multiple Food & Chemical Sensitivities NSAID Enteropathy
Chronic Dysfunction Syndrome &
Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
Childhood Hyperactivity Schizophrenia
AIDS, HIV Positivec Trauma

Immune Dysfunction is an extremely serious problem. If people do not do something to help their immune function, they will be likely candidates for major degenerative condition (heart disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, etc.) and will be helpless to fend off bacteriological infections (microbes). We feel that you should have enough information on this subject to make an informed decision. Here are some of the latest books written on this subject. I think you’ll agree we all need to act now to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

More information on this subject:

“The Coming Plague;” by Laurie Garrett

“Power Unseen – How Microbes Rule The World;” by Bernard Dixon
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