Educated Choices or guesswork?

Have you ever purchased a nutritional product, tried it for several weeks, and then stopped taking it because you “didn’t feel anything?”

This is one of the most often used methods people utilize to make health and nutrition decisions. Unfortunately, it is one of the biggest mistakes made in personal health assessment. Let me explain.

Any diseases or degenerative processes are SLOW in developing to the point of SYMPTOMS. A perfect example of this is cancer. The point at which someone begins to notice symptoms is NOT the point at which the cancer started developing. Research shows that cancer can take 5-20 years to develop to the point of producing symptoms. People who eventually develop cancer FEEL healthy and fine despite the actual developing cancer inside them. How they “felt” was NOT a very good indicator of their health situation.

The same can be said of ANY type of health problem, even the common cold. When you begin to develop symptoms of a runny nose, cough, fever, headache, or whatever, you have already lost the battle to the virus days before. You “felt” fine until the symptoms developed. Can you see, then, that using how you “feel” as your guide to any health program is a dangerous and VERY misleading method for health decisions?

Along the same lines, the proverbial “testimonial” for this or that health product is another method used to purchase products. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are there testimonials for virtually EVERY type of health product on the market?”

The health of most people trying the products is so poor that ANY type of nutritional help will cause some degree of noticeable improvement. Despite the quality being lacking in over 90% of these “natural” health products, the body still responds to receiving even parts of what it needs to be able to make positive changes, even if there is an actual cost to the body for doing so. The ubiquitous “testimonial” is another method vast numbers of people use to make their health and nutrition decisions.

So how DOES one make sound, healthy decisions about what nutritionals they really need? I will list several of the most important:

  • Have you determined what natural nutrients your body isn’t receiving, but needs, and base any nutrition decision on THAT, rather than on “how you feel?”
  • Is the product you choose completely natural, as nature provides it?
  • Is it free from unnatural additives of any kind?
  • If a chosen health product is “isolated from natural sources,” (isolated elements that have a specific affect on the body and disease processes, such as Cetyl Myristoleate and arthritis), is it being used in conjunction with a complete natural nutrition support program, and NOT as the “Magic Bullet,” which doesn’t exist?
  • Have you utilized the newest technology to actually do nutritional testing to determine the actual physiological response your body has to your present lifestyle?
  • Technology is showing us that the natural system is the best guide to use in making health decisions. If we don’t have the “Perfect Diet,” (complete nutritional support the human body NEEDS to maintain itself in a state of good health) then we, absolutely, MUST replenish the missing natural elements to have ANY guarantee of good health now, and in our future. This and ONLY this (not how we feel) is the best guide we can use in making sound, personal health and nutrition decisions!