Magnascent, the ORIGINAL Nascent Bio-Available Iodine Supplement

Don’t settle for copy cat products called “nascent”!

Natural Iodine…

  • Is responsible for the production of all of your body’s hormone release and transport.
  • Over the last 30 years, body levels of this life-saving nutrient have dropped by nearly 50% in the United States .
  • Tests on over 4,000 patients… 96.5% tested low for this critical substance.
  • Necessary for your thyroid hormone production.
  • Without enough iodine, balancing your hormonal or endocrine system becomes impossible.
  • Contains potent antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antiviral, and even anti-cancer properties.
  • Has been shown to cause apoptosis (or cell death) in breast and thyroid cancer cells. (Keep in mind that breast tissue is the second largest “reservoir” of iodine in the body, so there is likely a direct relationship between iodine deficiencies and breast cancer-See more below).
  • Functions as both a strong antioxidant as well as an oxidant in the body.
  • Can cause tumors to shrink and die from the center out, with similar results with nodules and cysts in the thyroid, ovaries, and uterus.
  • May help goiter and Hashimoto’s disease
Forget the Myth of Iodized Salt – It’s Not Enough . . .

**Iodized salt is a poor source of because it is not very bio-available to the body. On top of that, due to unnatural and unhealthy farming techniques, deficiencies of iodine and other minerals in the soil have increased. Iodine deficiency is not only due to inadequate intake. Exposure to toxic substances on a daily basis, including compounds such as bromine, fluoride and chlorine, toxic halogen compounds that have permeated the natural system, all force iodine to compete for limited binding sites to be available for actual work in the tissues.

Bromine, by the way, replaced iodine in the baking industry. Bakers used iodine to condition their dough, the industry began to question the safety of using iodine in bakery products. So they went with bromine instead. Worse yet, bromine interferes with iodine utilization in the thyroid and other areas iodine concentrates in the body. Plus, it’s a known carcinogen.

Iodine Research

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NOTE: This is just a theory, but I (Dr. Jeffrey Maehr) suspect that there may be a link between an iodine deficiency and breast cancer, and possibly other types of cancers. Here’s why:

  1. Iodine has been shown to cause apoptosis (or cell death) in breast and thyroid cancer cells. (As stated above).
    Breast tissue is the second largest storage tissue next to the thyroid gland.
  2. A deficiency in iodine may have a link between the development of cancer cells in tissues designed for iodine at normal levels.
  3. There could also be a link between other types of cancer and an iodine deficiency, because iodine is important to other cells and tissues as well as the thyroid gland, and could also cause apoptosis (or cell death) in other cancerous tissues.

Iodine excess:

There are several safety concerns tied to excessive iodine intake. Symptoms of an iodine intake that is too high include a metallic taste in the mouth, soreness of the teeth and gums, burning in the mouth and throat, increased saliva, an upset stomach, diarrhea, wasting, depression, skin problems and other conditions. When iodine is used directly on the skin, it can cause irritation, stains, allergic reactions and other side effects. More serious potential effects of excessive iodine are the precipitation of autoimmune thyroid disease and hypothyroidism. The reason for this may be that large amounts of iodine can block the thyroid’s ability to produce the thyroid hormones, thyroxine(T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). If you are unsure what your optimal daily dose of iodine is, please consult your health care provider.

Radiation/Iodine-129 & 131: From the EPA Government Website @!

“What can I do to protect myself and my family from iodine-129 and iodine-131?”

“The thyroid cannot tell the difference between radioactive and non-radioactive iodine. It will take up radioactive iodine in whatever proportion it is available in the environment. If large amounts of radioactive iodine are released during an nuclear accident, large doses of stable iodine may be distributed by government agencies to keep your thyroid gland from absorbing too much radioactive iodine: Raising the concentration of stable iodine in the blood, increases the likelihood that the thyroid will absorb it instead of radioactive iodine. (Note: Large doses of stable iodine can be a health hazard and should not be taken except in an emergency. However iodized table salt is an important means of acquiring essential non-radioactive iodine to maintain health.”

(**NOTE: Pure Health Systems definitely does NOT recommend the “iodized table salt” source of Iodine. You should use a natural salt) for good health, and supplement with nascent iodine.

Recommended application for thyroid saturation is 30 drops, 3X per day!


Serving Size: 1 drop
Servings Per 1 oz Bottle: 480
Packaging: Amber glass bottle

Ingredients: Nascent Iodine in a base of organic pure grain alcohol. (For alcohol issues, you can place drops of iodine in 1 oz of warm water, wait 5 minutes to evaporate the alcohol off, and take.

Usage: Depending upon desired effect. One drop = RDA of 0.2 mg. If using for additional energy and general improved health take up to 5 drops daily. If recommended by your healthcare professional for assistance with a chronic health concern, take 5 drops three or four times a day or as instructed by your healthcare professional. Thirty drops per day is the equivalent of 6 mg. of iodine or 1 drop of Lugol’s iodine. Frequent small doses are more effective than larger amounts at less frequent intervals. Always take on an empty stomach. Most will find that it is important to build up gradually in order to experience the least amount of detoxification.

Recommendation: Take 1-3 drops on an empty stomach 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals, medications and/or supplements. Taking it after 4 PM could raise your energy levels and keep you awake at night. It is recommended to take before breakfast, before lunch and then again before 4 PM.

Note: There is a 2 to 3 hour time frame when MAGNASCENT T is very active in the body. This is the reason that in the 1930’s, nascent iodine was taken in small doses several times a day, on an empty stomach. We speculate that the body can use this unique iodine best while this energy is available.

WARNING: If allergic to Iodine consult your health care professional before using MAGNASCENT T. Keep this and all supplementation out of the reach of children. If pregnant or nursing consult with health care professional before using MAGNASCENT T.

Product Size:

MAGNASCENT is packaged in 1 oz and 4 oz dark amber glass bottles, 2% iodine by weight. A 1 oz bottle is usually a 4-6 week supply for general health maintenance. The 4 oz bottle is approximately a 100+ day supply. Each drop of 2% provides 400 mcg of nascent iodine. Store in a cool, dry place. WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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