35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (FG-H2O2)

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What is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a naturally occurring water-like liquid that has many practical applications (household disinfectant, natural personal care product, pool and spa disinfecting, plants, etc.) both inside and outside the home.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is made up of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. Hydrogen Peroxide looks like water (H2O), but that extra oxygen molecule makes this natural water additive one of the most powerful oxidizers known to man. It is formed in nature by the action of sunlight on water, and even in honey!

You are probably already familiar with using the low grade 3% hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet as an antiseptic on cuts and scrapes. Being a powerful oxidizer, Hydrogen Peroxide kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. This means it is also great for disinfecting your kitchen and bathroom. You can make your household cleaner and safer just by substituting Hydrogen Peroxide for those caustic chemicals you are currently using.

Did you know that your body makes Hydrogen Peroxide to fight infection? It is a fact that Hydrogen Peroxide must be present for our immune system to function correctly. White blood cells are known as Leukocytes. Leukocytes are divided into three classes: Granulocytes, Lymphocytes and Monocytes. Granulocytes are themselves divided into three classes: Neutrophils, Eosinophils and Basophils. Neutrophils produce Hydrogen Peroxide as the first line of defense against toxins, parasites, bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Internal use of FG-H2O2 – Information!

For a list of clinics that work with H2O2, please refer to the Clinic Guide or INTRAVENOUS THERAPY; Two Lists of Clinics by State!

35% Food Grade FG-H2O2 measuring:

Please note: You could check with your local health food store to see whether they carry Food Grade 35% H2O2. This would be cheaper considering the hazmat fee and shipping costs. If they do not, and would like to carry it, we can set them up with a wholesale account.

CAUTION: If you should spill 35% FG-H2O2 on your skin, immediately rinse with plenty of water. It may burn the skin and turn it white, but if handled immediately won’t do much harm. It will damage clothing or material though so be careful where you handle it.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, MSDS fact sheet.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Certificate of Analysis Sample.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2 Wholesale Prices.

Pricing and Quantities: (Prices subject to future changes)

H2O2 is packaged in UN Certified containers and boxes. All bottles are also packaged in Heavy Duty plastic bags prior to shipment. MSDS sheets are included with every shipment. Approved Hazardous Materials shipper with FedEx Ground and UPS Ground. That being said, we can’t be responsible for possible leakage due to handling time. This leakage does not damage the H2O2 any and the product can still be used. If the package has been destroyed, which is very unlikely since it would leak in the FedEx truck, we will, of course, replace the product. You must notify FedEx directly upon discovering the damage and maintain all packing materials as they are since there will be severe damage to the box, packing materials. This is insurance evidence.

Please keep in mind that shipping and hazmat fees are the bulk of the cost of H2O2, and shipping costs are partially reflected in the H2O2 actual cost. Hydrogen Peroxide orders are filled when ordered. There is no stock of H2O2 already bottled and sitting on shelves, so you get the freshest product available!


Shipping of H2O2 can take several days to prepare because orders have required paperwork, and are taken first come, and are filled fresh… no prepackaged products sitting on the shelf. It is shipped FedEx, UPS or private carrier, depending on your location.

H2O2 refused (cannot be returned by customer) incurs additional shipping and hazardous material fees, so PLEASE DO NOT REFUSE H2O2, OR THIS WILL COST YOU ALMOST DOUBLE THE CHARGES!

PLEASE NOTE: If you want more than one pint, quart or gallon size, please email us at drhealth@purehealthsystems.com with the amount you are wanting and we will get a quaote back to you.

We have unfortunately experienced a slight increase in product and hazardous material shipping costs, reflected below.

1 Pint 35% FG-H2O2 – $92.59 (Price includes shipping surcharge of $7.95 and hazmat fee of $40.00)


1 Quart 35% FG-H2O2 – $96.95 (Price includes shipping surcharge of $7.95 and hazmat fee of $40.00)

1 Gallon 35% FG-H2O2 – $137.94, (Price includes shipping surcharge of $9.95 and hazmat fee of $40.00)


5 Gallon Tote – 35% FG-H2O2 – $320.79, (Price includes $40.00 hazmat fee and the shipping surcharge of $12.95.) –

Spigot for 5 gallon containers, $5.95
Pump for 5 gallon tote – $16.95

55 Gallon Drum: $1379.95, plus shipping costs to be determined. (Must call (970-731-9724) or Email to: drhealth (at) purehealthsystems (dot) com, with address for shipping quote or to order drum, and to tell us whether you have off-loading capabilities (dock) or need a truck with a lift.

Pump for 55 gallon drum – $29.95


PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on 3 or more 5 gallon containers, you should call first to see whether you can save money on shipping and hazmat fees via pallet shipment. Also note that it is cheaper to have them shipped to a place of business that can accept such shipments, such as a dock, or you have unloading capabilities at home.)

Shipping and handling costs for FG-H2O2 have been partially reflected in the total price. Adult signature possibly required for H2O2 delivery. This can be an adult neighbor as well.

NOTE: The spigot fits into a larger lid on the top of the container. You can simply unscrew this larger lid, cut the seal off with a utility knife, or hack saw, and replace this lid securely, and then screw the spigot into the lid securely. In the unlikely event the spigot should have a small leak, you can take some Teflon threat tape and wrap the threads of the spigot and reinsert it.

You can also leave the larger lid secured, and drill a hole in the seal, but this may leave particles in the container. It is suggested you do not puncture a vent hole as this makes for possible spilling if you need to move the container, or if you plan to re-use the container… makes a great emergency water storage container, etc. Air will naturally vent through the spigot as you dispense the H2O2.


PLEASE NOTE: BY ordering 35% food grade H2O2, you are stating that you have read and understand the NOTICE regarding 35% H2O2 and the hazardous material status which this product has.

Please note: FG-H2O2 can only be shipped in continental US, by ground shipping and requires an adult signature for delivery. We need a physical address, NOT a P.O. Box for shipping FG-H2O2. Shipping can take up to 3 weeks to arrive due to order prep, paperwork and demand. Also, H2O2 cannot be returned due to regulations for hazmat materials.)