What is Our Approach?

Healthcare is not a mystery, but has been made so by traditional medical philosophy and practice for 100 years.  Rather than view the world as “nature’s God” created it, it has been dissected apart in an attempt to locate the “magic bullet” and “re-create” a “better” system.  This has only ended in untold misery and death, and will continue to do so.  While traditional western medicine is excellent at crisis management, and critical life-saving interventions, it has been a horrible “Primary” health care system… for humans or pets.  There are dozens of deficiencies which have been “built into” the traditional food and farming system we’ve inherited from the “fractional thinking” that wants to divide things up believing that is a better way than what we’ve been provided.  The “better way” is to rely on the system and order we’ve been given and that the world has exhibited for millennia!