Oxy2Go Portable Oxygen System

System II Kit

A low cost supplemental breathing system for high altitude activities that is small, lightweight, and very capable.

The System II Oxygen system delivers pure oxygen for the purpose of supplemental breathing. It is precision manufactured in JAPAN and specially imported for the use of supplemental breathing while at high altitudes. The regulator is adjustable from off to full on delivering up to two liters per minute of 90% pure oxygen/10% nitrogen. At the full open 100% rate a full cylinder will last, at sea level, about 9 to 10 minutes.

Used by pilots, hikers, hang-gliders and parachutists, we’re certain you’ll find the System II is the best oxygen delivery system for your needs.

For people who want a longer stream of Oxygen.

  • 180 three (3) second blasts at full open 2 liters per minute rate of flow per cylinder.
  • 360 three (3) second blasts at 1/2 open 1 liter per minute rate of flow per cylinder.
  • Full flow 2 liters per minute, 9 minutes per cylinder.
  • 66% open 1.32 liters per minute 13.38 minutes per cylinder.
  • 33% open 0.66 liters per minute 27.16 minutes per cylinder.

System II – $199.95 (plus $20 fixed hazmat shipping fee)

3 Pack Refill Cartridges for System II – $89.95 (plus $12 fixed hazmat shipping fee)
Black Replacement Regulator for System II – $159.95
Black Mask for System II – $16.95