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New Era of Magnetic Green Technology Reduces the high cost of fuel, energy, and water softening Reduces

Pollution & Helps Feed the World

EnviroMagneticsTM: Literally harnessing magnetism – the glue of the universe – to provide financial & environmental benefits for all humanity!

  • Reduces Air, Water and Chemical Pollution for Global Environmental Health
  • Increases MPG/KPL which Reduces Fuel Costs and Foreign Oil Reliance
  • Reduces Heating and Water Costs for the Home and Industry
  • Helps Increase Agricultural Yields while Reducing Water Needs

When most people might think of magnets, they think of a compass or something to hold a note or picture on the refrigerator, but American Inventor Peter Kulish has devoted his professional career to discovering, testing and establishing a multitude of surprising and highly useful new benefits of magnetism.

Kulish’s thirty years research into magnetism has yielded a manifold technology that produces a wide variety of clean, green, and affordable solutions for today’s most pressing problems by increasing significant fuel efficiencies, conditioning water naturally and inexpensively, increasing crop yields while bringing about substantial reductions in air and water pollution. His elegantly simple technological inventions are available for household and commercial use, resulting in substantial and proportionate energy savings in applications. They are easy to install, and their benefits last forever without any further costs or maintenance.

Sound too good to be true?

Kulish laughs as he pulls out an encyclopedic test book of scientific data and case studies from all over the world performed on his first Monopolar patented technology “Don’t read it, just weigh it.” The massive book contains test results on a wide variety of applications from such industries as IBM, Hilton, China Steel, Mitsubishi, Toyota Manufacturing, and laboratories and agencies such as the US and Canadian Postal Services, US Mint, many US Federal buildings and works, US Air Force, Army and Coast Guard and the EPA of many countries.

Furthermore, the technology has been presented to many science groups, agencies and governmental groups such as the Royal Society of the Arts, Prince Charles Trust, International Tesla Society, the Cabinet Ministries of Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Poland, Brazil, Greece, and is widely used by many consumers and industries throughout the world.

Monopolar Magnetic Treatment Technology was founded as the breakthrough in magnetic technology powerful enough to provide affordable energy and environmental saving products, utilizing sophisticated MHD (Magnetohydrodynamic) technology.

Kulish explains, “Properly designed magnetic technology can help humanity solve its human and financial well-being while helping save the planet from further extinction. Magnetic science has reached a technological zenith of smart benefits so that everyone can enjoy a better quality of life.”

EnviroMagnetics Green Energy Technology

Welcome to the world of EnviroMagnetics Green Energy Technology. With three decades and $19 Million of R&D, Kulish initially created the World Standard in magnetic fluid conditioning, the Monopolar Clamp-on breakthrough. Now Kulish has created the final Gold Standard in magnetic fluid conditioning: EnviroMagnetics Green Energy Technology.

The EnviroMagnetics Green Energy Technology is ten times more powerful, smaller, easier to apply, less expensive and provides better and faster results than Kulish’s original Monopolar system. The following is a synopsis of the products and the benefits they bring to humanity.

Solving the Problem of Air Pollution with Fuel Savings

Reduce Winter Heating Bills and Water Heating Costs

Consumers using the

EnviroMagnetics Combustion Energizers Green Technologyto heat their home and water are reporting over 35% savings. Consumers are saving thousands of dollars in natural gas, propane, and fuel oil costs with the Combustion Energizer.

Restaurants are saving thousands yearly in gas cooking costs

Restaurants and Pizza shops using Combustion Energizers are saving 20% on their ovens, stoves, fryers and all other open-flamed appliances. The first restaurant using the technology reported a $100 savings the first month. Since the technology never wears out, this represents a major savings that continues as long as the business operates.

Large fuel savings = major reduction of carbon emissions

The 20%-35% savings represent a large increase in combustion efficiency which means a major reduction in unburned carbon emissions. While most people think that gas burns very clean with little emissions, the savings percentages scientifically indicate a major percentage of unburned fuel (emissions) is now being burned. These are two very strong benefits that EnviroMagnetics Green Energy technology provides: large, continuous savings in heating and cooking and better air quality for everyone to breath.

Curing the Costly Hard Water Headache Hard water costs a lot of money. The home or business owner with hard water has had to install an expensive water softener or repair and replace fixtures, plumbing, dishwashers, washing machines and process equipment ruined by hard water scale.

The US Department of Mines reports that one half inch of scale in the heater or boiler costs a minimum of 60% more to heat through than a scale-free water heater. A study with the Edison Institute shows that a family of four can easily spend $600-$900 more per year just heating their water through hard scale.

The EnviroMagnetics Hard Water Softener provides naturally soft water while it dissolves all previous scale buildup – without external power or maintenance. Homeowners remark how they have no hardwater problems or expense while all their neighbors are replacing water heaters, dishwashers, plumbing, etc. They often remark about how better the water tastes.

In industry, scale builds up in process equipment to the point that heating, cooling or processing cannot even be maintained. Then the system must be shut down so the scale can be chipped out and acid cleaned – a very expensive, but necessary maintenance. Industry uses toxic, expensive chemicals to slow down the process, but the maintenance of hardwater scale buildup in process equipment is an ongoing and huge cost.

EnviroMagnetics Water Softener Solves these hard water problems naturally and permanently.

How does it work? The EnviroMagnetics Water Softening technology naturally changes the water’s atomic structure by reducing its surface tension and making it soft water. The soft water makes everything wash better, clean better, bathe better, and require less soap and detergent.

The reduced water surface tension also hydrates and dissolves the former hard water scale just like salt or sugar dissolves in water; the dissolved scale then just goes right down the drain. All magnetic systems work that way to varying degrees. The more powerful the system, the softer the water is and the better it works.

Most Powerful Magnetic Softener in the world

Kulish’s 2nd generation EnviroMagnetics Monopolar technology is over ten times more powerful than his original Monopolar technology which was the power breakthrough in the market. Even consumers of his former technology remark how much softer the water is with new technology.

During the late eighties, many of the Pennsylvania Amish installed Kulish’s original Monopolar technology on their water systems. Although their religion does not allow them to use electricity or other modern technologies, it does allow them to use the Monopolar technology because magnetism is natural. Once the first few were installed, word spread rapidly how it worked and a majority bought the systems to solve their hard water problems.

Other Kulish Monopolar Applications: Hilton, Disney, Coca Cola, IBM, Toyota, Mitsubishi manufacturing, US Mint, Laundromats, Cleaners, and Government sites are a small sampling. Monopolar technology has been tested and used worldwide on boilers, cooling towers, and other process equipment to reduce energy, maintenance, and toxic chemicals.

Test Example of Boiler Savings: On a single boiler test conducted by the University of California in 1991 with a Kulish Monopolar Commercial Water Softener, $4200 a year was saved in chemicals and maintenance as the scale dissolved during operation. That would be nearly $8,000 in today’s economy.

Other EnviroMagnetics Energy Products A Remarkable Technology for Growing Food

Agriculture – The EnviroMagnetics Crop Energizers on irrigation shows increased yields of 100% – 300% in crops, vegetables, viniculture, fruits, and all plant growth with no loss of taste or quality. Testing also shows the Crop Energizer technology reduces water requirements and pumping costs by 40% due to water’s increased solubility allowing it to penetrate the ground rather than pooling on the surface and being wasted by evaporation.

Testing in Brazil on lettuce showed its Shelf Life increased 200%, thereby reducing the sealing and transporting costs to market.

Wheat from Ditch irrigation in India (left normal, right Energized)

Many more test pictures on Kulish Monopolar Crop Energizers are available upon demand.

Kulish summarizes, “Magnetism is one of the most important technologies of our time. It helps to solve many of the real problems we all experience in our daily lives.”

“When our customers acquire a system, they are getting an advanced source of free-energy that continues to provide important benefits for the rest of their life. These benefits are both financial and environmental. Finally, a technology that is inexpensive and simple that saves you money and provides everyone with cleaner air and water.”

EnviroMagnetics Green Energy Product Summary

All EnviroMagnetics Consumer Technology products for the home – water, fuel and pool/spa simply clamp on in minutes. The Auto Engine System is installed by a mechanic in minutes.

These systems save the home-owner and auto-owner thousands a years in energy costs, time, and maintenance.

All Commercial /Industrial HVAC systems are engineered by on-site or by engineering schematic.

New Breakthroughs in Health/Vitality Energy Supplementation

To learn about the enormous range of Bio-Magnetic therapies for health applications, please visit and its research foundation, The Foundation for Magnetic Sciences at Peter Kulish’s groundbreaking book Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing With Biomagnetism supplies 170 detailed therapies for using magnets to help heal almost everything from minor cuts and abrasions, seizures, carpel to nerve and joint regeneration, chronic fatigue syndrome, and much, much more. Used by consumers, practitioners, and medical institutions worldwide, it gives you step by step protocols to help overcome medical conditions while giving you the far-sighted understanding of how the energy travels throughout the body and how Biomagnetism helps elevate vitality and overcome pain.