Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What makes The Ageless Secret different from other anti-aging skin products?

A. The Ageless Secret Health SPA Formula is not oily, greasy or sticky. There are no multiple bottles to use. The Ageless Secret is scientific and is based on taking advantage of the how your skin renews itself. You simply spray your way to looking good and feeling great. It is also different because it is a weightless colorless mist that you can use over make up with no mess. It is so safe it does NOT burn or sting eyes.

Q. How is The Ageless Secret different from other moisturizers?

A. The Ageless Secret lubricates skin without sealing off pores. This is revolutionary. Moisturizers actually work by sealing off pores. The Ageless Secret is so pure and natural… it Never Ever Clogs Pores!

Q. How does The Ageless Secret Health SPA Formula work?

A. The Ageless Secret works because our skin is dynamic. Cells are continually dying and being replaced with new ones. Your body does this partly by using nutrients in the blood. The unique technology of The Ageless Secret helps to increase the flow of nutrients from your blood into your skin, plumping up your skin so it looks, feels and acts like younger skin.

Q. That sounds like it’s just a temporary effect? What’s so great about that?

A. It is very great, because while the effect is temporary, our cells are constantly being replaced. A lack of nutrients can make it more difficult. So, some of these nutrient enriched, plumped up cells, will be able to reproduce more easily. The end result is skin that looks progressively younger looking.

Q. Are you saying… that The Ageless Secret is “fountain of youth”?

A. No, that would be ridiculous unless someone could prove it and the only way to prove it would be if someone had lived for hundreds of years and still looked young for the their age. However, it is interesting that scientists who study aging, such as the late Nobel Prize Winning scientist, Dr. Alex Carrol say that “if our cells could get all the nutrients and oxygen they need we could live forever”. Unfortunately, as we age, our cells no longer absorb nutrients as well, and by age 70, for every 10 cells that die, only 7 are replaced. This means our skin has a tendency to lose flexibility and become thinner. Thinner less flexible skin wrinkles and sags more easily. The specially treated ingredients in The Ageless Secret compensate for these effects.

Q. What do you mean by specially treated ingredients?

A. The Ageless Secret contains MSM and Aloe, which are known to improve the flexibility of cells. It also contains Niacin and Cayenne Pepper, which are known to increase circulation. There are skin formulations on the market using some of these ingredients and some people take these nutrients internally in large amounts, but they don’t see the same effects on their skin as when they use The Ageless Secret. That’s because we combine those ingredients with special botanicals in a unique process, which enhances their activity. This special process is based on the indisputable scientific fact that all matter is more than 99% energy. What we do is amplify that energy in our ingredients so that we can use small amounts in our formulations so they will be very safe, yet amazingly effective. For example, even though the formula contains Cayenne pepper, it doesn’t burn or sting eyes.

Q. How do you amplify the energy in your ingredients?

A. Again what we do is based on pure scientific principles. Lasers are an example of a modern day device, which is based on the amplification of pure energy. The first laser was a Ruby laser. It was called a ruby laser because they used a ruby crystal to amplify the energy of the light. The only difference in what we are doing is that the energy we are amplifying is not an energy we can see.

Q. OK. So it seems you have a new kind of unique technology, but how does that help get more nutrients into the cells to make skin look younger?

A. Remember we said that as we age our skin gets less flexible and tougher. Skin like that is difficult to get nutrients into. An analogy would be dried out hardened, cracked clay. If you poured water onto the surface the water would just sit there. You would need to work the water into the soil. In a similar manner the combination of the specially treated ingredients in The Ageless Secret work with your body to create the same effect as if someone were massaging your skin from the inside out and working the nutrients into your cells. The end result is, this action makes it easier for your skin to get the benefits of the nutrition from your blood and your skin looks, acts, and feels like younger skin.

Q. How do you know that The Ageless Secret is really helping nutrients already in the blood get into the cells more easily?

A. We did a controlled study. Not to the same “Gold Standards” as a double blind placebo study, but nonetheless a controlled study. We took two groups of women. Let’s label them group One and group Two. Group One used The Ageless Secret plus special nutrients. Group Two only used The Ageless Secret. They both saw wonderful results, but the group with the special nutrients got better results. Then we stopped the special nutrients, and group One’s results were not as good as they had been. Then we flipped it, and had group Two taking the special nutrients and group Two saw an improvement. At the end, the ladies from group One went back on the nutrients and group One saw an improvement again in their results.

Q. How do you know it’s not the special nutrients that were making the changes, and not your product?

A. The nutrients are commonly available and nobody that takes them without using The Ageless Secret is seeing anything close to the remarkable age defying changes these women saw.

Q. Are there any special benefits from the ingredients you use in The Ageless Secret?

A. Absolutely. First they have all been chosen because they are safe and very good for the body. The water we use is very pure distilled water. The ingredient MSM is safer for the body than common table salt. It occurs naturally in rainwater and is a rich source of organic sulfur. The body uses sulfur to continually create new healthy cells to replace old ones. Many people actually swallow large amounts of it daily as a food supplement to keep them healthy. Aloe is another very safe ingredient. Aloe is known for its effects to help heal burns. Niacin is a food supplement that is in the B vitamin family. It is known to increase circulation. Cayenne pepper is also very safe and everyone knows it increases circulation. Ho Shou Wu is also very safe. The Chinese have been using it for centuries to help retard the effects of aging. Many people in this country take it too. Helichrysum is an essential oil that is very safe and Aromatherapists talk about it as if it were some kind of magic plant extract capable of renewing and repairing the body at levels that were previously thought to be impossible. In fact, another name for it is Immortelle.

Q. Are you claiming that if people use The Ageless Secret they will get those benefits?

A. No. What we are claiming is that these ingredients are safe and have been carefully chosen to work with the body. If it were any more safe and natural it would be pure water. The Ageless Secret does not change the structure or function of cells in any way. Instead it works with the body to help increase circulation and progressively make skin look, feel and act younger without side effects.

Q. Is The Ageless Secret, FDA approved?

A. The Food and Drug Administration is only concerned about products that change structure and function and are safe. The Ageless Secret does not change structure or function and it is safe. The bottles and sprayers are sterilized prior to filling. All mixing and filling equipment are sterilized with food grade peroxide and flushed with distilled water prior to beginning each batch to ensure purity.