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Why pay $1300 for one of these electronic water softeners


$2500 Water Softener, a Lifetime of Maintenance and Lifetime of Chemicals

When you can own

The World's Most Powerful Natural Water Softener 

Treatment Unit

Treatment Unit

The EnviroMagnetics 2-unit Hot and Cold Water Softening System
is priced under $260. It's installation is simple and can be done in minutes by anyone. It requires no electricity to operate, and, because it harnesses the natural clean power of magnetism, it is guaranteed to function maintenance-free in perpetuity.

Hard water scale scale in the home environment can be extremely costly. Replacing scale- ruined water heaters, dish washers, washing machines, faucets and plumbing is very expensive. The chemicals softeners, which have been widely used to address these problems for years, are costly to install and maintain and very environmentally unsound. Where do the chemicals go? into our drinking water and into the environment.


The US Dept. of Mines reports that 3/8” of scale increases the energy required to heat through the scaleby 48%; 1⁄2” of scale buildup requires 60% more energy. This will cost the average family of four an additional $500-$900 per year to heat their water. The Hardwater Softener eliminates this added energy-cost and also helps reduce the carbon footprint at the power station.

The EnviroMagnetics Home Hardwater Softener
is the most powerful, MHD technology in the world. Using the advanced Monopolar Rare Earth technology, the EM Home Hardwater Softener reduces the surface tension which ionically softens the water which hydrates and dissolves the scale buildup resulting in permanent, energy-free, natural soft water and scale-free plumbing and appliances.


Enjoy natural soft water. People always remark how soft and silky their hair feels from bathing naturally softened water; how the dishes and clothing are cleaner; and how the hardwater stains dissolve.

Save Money, Energy and Maintenance


* Naturally softens water
* Reduces shampoo and soap needs
* Reduces water heating cost
* Helps extend the life of the water heater and 

* Helps eliminate green stains
* Eliminates and prevents scale build up
* Eliminates the need for ongoing purchase and
  supply of toxic softening chemicals 

* Works on all piping - steel, PVC, copper
* Helps neutralize corrosive water
* Requires no external power

Laboratory testing of the Monopole Technology  was conducted by a US Laboratory confirming scale reduction and immediate reduced surface tension, thereby softening the water.

Hard, smelly, difficult to drink water changes into amazing, drinkable soft water: “I added the EnviroMagnetics Water Softener to my condo in Sarasota, where the water is hard, smelly and difficult to drink due to its unpleasant taste. Installed in less than 15 minutes with no tools at all! The first thing noticed.. how clean my dishes were. . was actually shocked when I unloaded the dishwasher. The plates sparkled!.. always thought they were clean, but now they shone! Then, the laundry was cleaner, no more phantom yellow stains...Suddenly, the water no longer smelled, and it was drinkable! Just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, I invited 3 neighbors in and gave them drinks right from the tap. They were absolutely amazed. . just arrived back in Toronto and installed the system.. can hardly wait to do my laundry and dishes!!” Mom, Toronto, Ontario

Major Hard water problems solved: “Since I have lived in this neighborhood, my neighbors have been replacing their pipes, water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines due to hardwater damage. Many of them have installed expensive softeners. We’ve had none of these problems and the only family in the community who has not replaced our appliances and water heater... Why? Years ago I met the inventor and we installed an EnviroMagnetics Water Softener and we have had soft water ever since..The EnviroMagnetics Water Softener works great, was inexpensive and has never required anything.. no maintenance, no energy..Nothing. it just keeps working.. I am so happy with this technology that I save money with all of their products. Thanks EnviroMagnetics. IR PA

Installs in Minutes with No Tools
No Maintenance Ever

Treatment Unit

Treatment Unit
Home Water Softener

      Price: $259.95 + S/H

High Powered Magnetic Alloys - TS/ISO 9001: 2008

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