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European Remedy Guide for BioResource, Inc.,
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European Homeopathic Remedy Guide for BioResource, Inc.,
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Use of homeopathic spagyric medications and other natural treatment has become extremely important during the past several decades because illnesses have changed. As people increased the amount of meat in their diets following World War 11, they suffered more frequently from a "uric acid diathesis" burden, which led to a disrupted metabolism and illnesses such as severe rheumatism. Conventional medicine treated these metabolic illnesses with allopathic drugs that blocked the body's attempt to excrete via the mucous membranes or other excretory channels. Until recently, coughs, colds, rhinitis, flu or viral infections were routinely treated with antibiotics, pain killers and fever suppressants. This practice robbed the body of its excretion capabilities and impregnated toxins deeper into the cellular level. As a result, a significant percentage of senior citizens today are afflicted with foci caused by these deposits that, among other symptoms, result in joint deterioration.

Although many younger people have changed their diets and consume less animal protein than the previous generation, they still suffer from iatrogenic (physician or therapy caused) illnesses induced by treatment with antibiotics, beta blockers, pain killers, fever-suppressing pills, blood pressure medications and other drugs with their wide variety of side effects. For example, cortisone may reduce inflammation effectively in neurodermatitis and other allergy related skin conditions, but the drug also inhibits proper regulation and excretion. This creates artificial blockages that force the body to deposit toxins in the cells, making the patient even more chronically ill.

From an alternative medicine perspective, a skin disease such as neurodermatitis is actually an expression of the body's attempt to excrete poisons and heal itself. Since the primary excretory organs are too burdened to function properly, the body is forced to use the skin often referred to as the third kidney. Clearly, use of allopathic drugs has caused wide spread iatrogenic illnesses because they do not address the body's need to heal itself or correct organ insufficiencies responsible for acute and chronic symptoms.

In contrast, Hans Heinrich Reckeweg M.D. theorized how illnesses develop in his important work "Homotoxicology" His research revealed that if the body is inhibited in its attempts to react and excrete toxins, the cells become impregnated with these poisons. This intoxification phase in turn leads to cellular blockages and tissue degeneration. As part of this domino effect, other body systems are also affected by the blockages, finally resulting in serious neoplasm phases that include lifethreatening illnesses such as various forms of cancer.

For this reason, it is vital to treat patients from childhood on in a curative manner that does not stifle normal healing processes. Biological therapy ensures the body's ability to

  1. preserve an intact immune system;
  2. avoid foci that can lead to severe, chronic illnesses;
  3. maintain energetic, physical, mental and emotional states at a high level.
Nonetheless, more people will likely suffer from allergies and chronically impaired health in the future unless medical thinking changes and increased numbers of practitioners begin to apply holistic approaches such as homeopathic spagyrism that make true healing possible.

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