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Our Basic Health Philosophy for you!


Don't be deceived by so-called "natural" products and companies that use hype to sell you what you don't need. Our Health Philosophy is based on The Natural System, the VERY BEST we have to follow!

Pure Health Systems has a core belief that the NATURAL SYSTEM is the best model to base product formulations on, and with which to support TRUE health and Wellness. We DO NOT TREAT ANY SPECIFIC DISEASE PROCESSES. We provide the body with the most essential nutrients it needs in order to support good health, and to attempt to correct any health problems it can. The closer we comply with this system's model, the better our health will be.

Far too many "health" companies promote their products for primarily ONE reason. . . MONEY! We've all seen and experienced the hype and misinformation that is promoted concerning "this or that" product, only to be replaced with ANOTHER product that is supposed to be the deceptive Magic Bullet that so many people are looking for regarding their health.

True Health involves re-educating our minds as to what health really is, and what are misleading and harmful practices TOO many resort to. "Self Prescribing" from the thousands of nutritional and "natural" medicinal products is like shooting with your eyes closed.


Pure Health Systems is providing you with over 27 years in wholistic health and nutritional experience to draw from. We have done the research and the legwork to determine the very best obtainable, and now we provide the fruits of these efforts to you.

We make the standing offer to anyone that if they can show us a better product type than the ones we offer here, WE WILL USE THOSE PRODUCTS!

We are not afraid to change or improve our product line and health promotion. We have everything to gain from doing that, and that is why we feel confident that what we have now is the best available.

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Jeffrey T. Maehr, D.C. (Ret.)
Certified Nutritional Microscopist
Wholistic Nutritional Consultant

Email: drhealth (at) purehealthsystems (dot) com

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