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  • The master remedy for inflammation.
  • Improves antigenic recognition and helps resolve infections.
  • Mildly nudges immune system out of anergy.

Available as Drops 4X, Capsules 4X, Suppositories 3X, and as Notatum/Quentans combination nasal spray.


Notatum is made of metabolic products derived from Penicillium notatum. Older literature lists Notatum as being for bacterial infections and Quentans as being for viral infections. Newer research and clinical observation suggests that this is not quite complete. The primary indication for Notatum is systemic inflammation. It seems to be useful in inflammation associated with all chronic illness. It is true that Notatum assists the body in eliminating infection, and that infections will induce cytokine cascades that lead to upregulation of systemic inflammation. However, we have seen Notatum downregulate inflammatory states associated with hormone imbalances, insulin dysregulation, essential fatty acid deficiencies, and toxicities. Because of this, we believe that the anti-inflammatory effects of Notatum are not due entirely to its ability to remove infections. In fact, Notatum has been shown to downregulate COX-2.

Another indication for Notatum is failure of the immune system to mount an adequate response due to anergy (non-reactivity) and failure to recognize an antigen. The immune system can be lulled into anergy under a number of circumstances. These include malnutrition, chronic exposure to a low level pathogen or toxin, high levels of stress, and various metabolic abnormalities. For Notatum to be effective in waking up the immune system, factors such as starvation have to be eliminated first.

Many patients in the US, especially the elderly, are chronically malnourished in terms of basic protein and calorie deficiency. Others are replete with caloric intake but malnourished in terms of micronutrients due to poor food choices rather than economic hardship. Notatum commonly is given first in the management of a new case along with drainage remedies to reduce inflammation, clean up the overall burden of unresolved infection, and open up elimination pathways. Following this, a more aggressive program can be used without inducing so many symptoms from the toxic download.

This use of Notatum and other SanPharma remedies in the Penicillium group as a preparatory therapy before engaging in intense detoxification or metabolic regulation therapy is one of the keys to success in handling complex illnesses. When in doubt, do gentle drainage and regulation therapy with Pekana spagyrics while using Notatum to gently clean up infection and inflammation at the onset of the management of any case.

Notatum tends to relieve symptoms rather than provoking aggravations. The one exception is when Notatum upregulates an immune response by improving antigenic recognition and nudging the immune system out of anergy. If a latent infection was present, the response initiated by Notatum can lead to some mild inflammatory symptoms and malaise. However, this tends to be transient, and passes in a day or so.

Typical dosing and frequency: In any serious chronic disease with systemic inflammation, consider starting with Notatum suppositories taken at bedtime nightly for 10 nights. This can be repeated after a rest period of 2 to 4 days. Or, do several rounds of 5 nights on and 2 nights off using Notatum suppositories. In any acute infection, consider using 1-2 Notatum capsules once or twice per day. Or, prescribe one suppository at bedtime, or have the patient take one in the morning and one in the evening for the duration of the infection.

Notatum drops can be applied topically over infected lymph nodes, or placed in mouth. The combination Notatum/Quentans nasal spray is excellent for any upper respiratory infection. This may also be sprayed into the mouth with sore throat/swollen glands. Typical dose is 1 or 2 puffs into each nostril plus into the throat. This is a great preventive remedy to take on airplanes, taking a dose every hour.

During chemotherapy, we find Notatum to be very protective of the bone marrow, significantly reducing the tendency to inhibit white cell counts and to a certain extent, red cell counts. This is usually prescribed in the capsule form, taking one capsule each of Notatum and Quentans twice a day, at least 5 days per week, during periods that chemotherapy is being given. The protective effectis enhanced by using injectable thymus peptides. Many patients take Notatum daily during the course of chemotherapy and/or radiation. Patients with any degree of immunosuppression should be put on Notatum.

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