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Poisoning with Heavy Metals
Dr. John Char, D.D.S., D.H.M., PhD, L.M.T.
Dentistry of the past has represented one of the principle sources of the most toxic metals.  During the past 20 years, the facts are more and more understood and these materials used in the mouth no longer contain lead, mercury or cadmium.  These three super poisons change the nature of important proteins like enzymes and hormones, disturb the ionic equilibrium and cause the destruction of beneficial minerals.   Lead enters into a competition with zinc at the center of the enzymes, preventing the tight against free radicals and disturbing the Krebs cycle, our source of energy.  Lead poisoning causes a zinc deficiency, to which is associated numerous neuro-psychiatric problems such as dyslexia, epilepsy, ADD and depression.
Besides, lead prevents competition of the neurons and the ramification of the sensory nerves, thus severely, seriously compromising the development of the brain.  Mercury and lead join with amino acids like methionine, cysteine and taurine, and nullifies numerous enzymes and seriously disturbs the metabolic equilibrium The most serious being that when these poisons accumulate and attain a certain level in the body, they nullify the means utilized to eliminate them, and follow the example of immunodeficiency syndrome.

One of the principle means that the body utilizes to eliminate poisons is through the liver in bile. The toxins are then transported through the intestine and excreted in feces. This process is affected by the reduction of available taurine to make taurocholic acid.  When the microbic flora is reduced because of stress, malabsorption, antibiotics and toxins, the excretion of mercury by way of the feces is substantially diminished.   Thus it returns to circulation, back to the liver, repeating the process.  A protein, metallothionein, which is produced with the rupture of the ionic equilibrium in the body. attaches to metals in the kidneys (renal parenchyma) turning the metals into an inoffensive form. This protein derives from essential minerals (zinc, copper and selenium) and certain amino acids (histidine and çysteine).  As long as the capacity of the kidneys to produce metallothionein has not run out, the fecal elimination is able to compensate for the ingestion.  However when mercury levels become to high, the metallothionein becomes less efficient in controlling lead, cadmium, aluminum, etc., until the fateful day when the accumulation of toxic metal reaches the limit of the immune system.

In accordance with the World Health Organization (Florence/Italy, 1974), the contamination of heavy metals is responsible for up to 80% of our health issues, and prevents all therapeutic measures in the same proportions.  These alarming facts have been recently confirmed in a study conducted by the Institute Of Toxicology at the University of Kiel, In Germany (DZW, 26/1997, Zahndrztlicher Fachverlag, and completed report). The exposition continues on the organism of environmental toxins and the constant increase of them as the cause of the ever-increasing number of chronic and degenerative health issues A recent report from the World Health Organization concludes 90% of chronic health problems are due to environmental toxins.
For the first time in history, More than half of the world?s population lives in urban cities, although living in the country doesn't make that much of a difference.  In the actual state of the planet, all forms of toxins are omnipresent, in the air, the water, the food, cosmetic products, cleaning products, including most of the certified "Labeled so-called bio" (Organic/healthy). Today, it is no longer a question of escape, but to learn to protect ourselves efficiently, to clean, drain, flush, then repair and reinforce all the layers of your being.   Detoxification would ideally be done even in the case of minor intoxication.  Intoxication is a slow process of accumulation that varies between 10 and 50 years.  Every form of detoxification should be accomplished over a period of one year, while avoiding any new contamination. For a practical and complete list of all the polluting agents to help us to make the best choices, go to www.ewa.org or www.safecosmetics.org

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