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There is an unfortunate tendency developing among MSM distributors over the last year or so which has gotten to the point that we need to say something about it. A growing number of companies are cutting (diluting) their MSM products with excessive amounts of fillers in order to increase their profits.

I need to point out that flow agents, binders and fillers are legitimate substances which are used to create tablets. Flow agents are used to insert substances such as MSM into capsules. We in no way want to imply that the mere presence of these substances reduces the quality or effectiveness of a given product. Many legitimate companies use these agents in their products and, if using a high speed encapsulation machine, flow agents are a necessary ingredient.

What we do want to point out is that binders, fillers and flow agents can be over used. We have had a number of brands tested and have found that a significant number of them only contain between 40 to 60% MSM with the remainder being amorphous silicon dioxide, rice flour or other starch based ingredients. These fillers are quite inexpensive and, when overused, add nothing to the quality of the product. They can be added for the sole purpose of increasing profit. Here is how you can tell if your product is truly pure MSM.

Pour about 4 ounces of pure water into a clear glass.
Add approximately 1,000 milligrams of MSM to the water.
If you have capsules, open the capsule(s) and pour the contents into the water.
If you have tablets, break a tablet in two and place it in the water.
Let the water and MSM sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Tablets take longer to dissolve in water so you might need to give them up to 1/2 hour to completely dissolve. A pure MSM tablet will dissolve in about 3 to 5 minutes in a person's stomach.
  • If it is pure MSM, the water will be clear with no powder or residue in it. It will also be slightly bitter to the taste.
  • If the water has a powder floating on the surface or a residue on the bottom of the glass which will not easily dissolve when you spin the glass, it is not pure MSM.
  • If the water is cloudy or feels a little gritty or chalky when you take a sip, it is not pure MSM.
  • If the water tastes sweet or salty, again it is not pure MSM.
The following three paragraphs are taken from a recent communiqué with one of our customers: We have recently become aware of an exception to the above test. Since proposing the test, three of our customers have called us complaining that our own MSM did not completely dissolve in water. This, of course was quite upsetting to me and we took back two of the batches of MSM and have contacted the third person. When I received the MSM back, I tried the test here in Oregon and both batches quickly and completely dissolved leaving the water clear.

Two out of these three people live in Florida. This got me to thinking. I presume that quite a few people have tried this test. Three people, that I know of, have tried it and our own MSM did not completely dissolve. Two of them live in Florida. Hmm.

Much of the water table in Florida contains significant amounts of limestone. Enough calcium and magnesium carbonate, along with other minerals, have probably dissolved in their water so that it is close to the saturation point and cannot absorb much of the MSM.

If you live in an area with hard water and the MSM does not completely dissolve, you might want to obtain a bottle of steam distilled water and try it again before coming to any conclusions. Keep in mind that the presence of other substances does not necessarily mean that the product is of lower quality. A person needs to use common sense in ascertaining the approximate ratio of MSM to other substances. You simply want to know if you received what you paid for.

Remember the old adage - Buyer Beware! You are purchasing MSM to increase and maintain your health and well being; not to line someone's pockets.

We are of the firm opinion that you should receive what you pay for. We will not ever add unnecessary ingredients to any of our products. We employ tableting and encapsulation methods in our pure MSM products which eliminate the need for binders, fillers and flow agents. Again, there is nothing wrong with using reasonable amounts of these agents. We simply prefer to offer pure MSM. That is a promise - and you can put it to the test.

Note: We have been asked how it is possible to tablet or encapsulate MSM without the use of other ingredients. Besides the high speed process, there is another encapsulation method available for those who want to take pure MSM without anything else in it.

This method uses an auger to grind the MSM into a fine powder and directly inserts it into each capsule. It is a somewhat more expensive method than using the high speed machines because there is more machine time involved, however, it eliminates the need for flow agents so you end up with nothing but MSM and the capsule.

As for tableting, MSM is a crystalline substance and, if it is not ground into too fine a powder, the crystals will interlock and hold together nicely when compressed into a tablet. There is some heat exerted in creating tablets, however, it does not hurt the MSM.

In nature, a volatile compound, Dimethylsulfide, is constantly being released into the atmosphere from the oceans. It is transformed through photochemical oxidation and is converted to several sulfur compounds. One of these is DMSO2 (MSM). This process occurs in the presence of ozone and ultraviolet light so MSM is created in extreme conditions. MSM is a highly stable compound.

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