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The Science behind Homeopathy
Interest in Homeopathy and Homeopathic remedies is rising along with natural health and nutritional interest. However, many don't understand what Homeopathy is and have a hard time believing that Homeopathy even works.

Here is a brief explanation as to how they can have such an affect on health, yet be so "diluted."

A 1X remedy is made by taking 1 measure of an active substance and combining it with 99 measures of pure water or alcohol or lactose (dry milk sugar). This substance is shaken for a period of time (lactose is ground for a period of time) and becomes a 1X strength solution, otherwise known as the "mother tincture." Again, one measure of this 1X solution is taken and added to 99 measures of pure water or alcohol and shaken. This is now a 2X solution, which is twice as powerful.

THAT is where most people put the brakes on and toss the whole idea out. I know, I did that in the beginning as well. I didn't accept Homeopathic medicine until I did some research on the actual producing techniques, and the science behind it.

Here's the basics. We understand that all things have an electric charge... magnetic properties. When 1 part of active ingredient is added to the inert carrier and shaken (or ground), the magnetic/electric "signature" is transferred to the inert material and now carries the same "message" as that of the active components.

Each step of the process makes the product more powerful. In fact, studies done in this area have shown that the processing can go to the point where there are actually NO molecules of the original active material left in the dilutions, yet the "signature" is there, quite powerfully.

Think of it like a magnetic recording such as a VHS or Cassette tape that carries an image on it. The magnetic image, through the shaking or grinding, is passed on to the inert material. In this way, the actual work that the active substance can do is the same or better, but any side effects that might be in the original active material is removed. That's the science behind Homeopathy, in brief.

So that brings us to where to find Homeopathic remedies that actually work. many Homeopathic remedies are damaged by the consumer. For instance, you should never use a metal spoon or cup to take Homeopathic remedies. You should keep it away from magnetic sources such as electronic appliances and wiring, and DO NOT put any removed product back into the container, or use your finger in the bottle to remove tablets, as this can affect the quality.

There are dozens of Homeopathic companies out there and many have decent products. The thing you want to focus on though is, "What are you trying to accomplish with the remedies?" Just treating symptoms, even using natural products, isn't the answer. They can be a nice help in the process toward good health, but to depend on them alone isn't getting to the cause of the problem. That is where you need "First Level Homeopathic Remedies."

What I mean by this is that there is a fundamental physiological process that takes place in the human body that is missed by traditional Homeopathic remedies. While they can assist the body in dealing with symptoms, and help to support various functions, they do NOT go further than that. You have to get to the level where the actual changes are taking place within the body, and work at THAT level to eliminate health problems.

Bacteria, virus, fungus and yeast become active where the body has moved out of a healthy state into one that allows these elements to do their damage, often at subclinical levels - levels that don't produce symptoms. Very few companies have Homeopathic Products that work at this level. I know of only one in this country and that is the company I use.

You can read about the theory and research behind First Level Homeopathics

Please keep in mind that, while these remedies are VERY powerful, they are NOT the complete answer to good health. It is vital for you to be addressing The 6 Greatest Health Threats along with handling the damage done.

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