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Reduce Heating Costs by +20%


  • "Saving $70 a month on yearly budget."

  • "Saved $263 in gas the first month."

  • "Saved thousands on fuel oil so far."

  • "Saved $100 in cooking fuel costs first month."

  • "Saved + $500 heating my water in 7 Months."


Price: $129.95 for a lifetime of savings

Home Fuel Savings Reports:

34% Gas Savings

"My monthly natural gas budget went from $205 to $135. That's a $70 a month savings or over $800 a year.
My wife can't believe it." PR, NY.'

Saved over 260 gallons of Fuel Oil the past two seasons

That's over $500. BL, NY

+$1,200.00 Fuel Oil Savings
"The Oil Company reported this house fuel oil consumption averaged 1300 gallons a winter and that it decreased to below 800 gallons when I moved in and installed your device - saving us over 500 gallons a year - based on $2.59 a gallon, that's $1,295.00 just this year alone." 
"Amazing, thank you!" TK, PA.

40% Gas Savings

"November's gas bill was +$500 without Energizer; December was 27% colder but only cost $375. I saved $263 the first month and the savings continued the rest of the winter." Dr. WM, NJ.

Saved Over $500 on Water Heating Bill

"My gas bill went down over $500 from April through November. It is the first time my gas bill ever went down." Joe S. NJ.

Business Fuel Savings Reports:

20% Pizza Oven Gas Saved at Dominos and other Pizza locations.

Saved $100 in gas cooking fuel costs the first month.
Restaurant, NC. Saved 20% Cooking Costs (be sure to watch this video)

"Water on stove boils 20% faster; oven heats 20% quicker; saving a lot of money in gas " CR, NC.

Saved over $500 heating my water from April to November. First time the gas bill ever went down. JS NJ 

The C
ombustion Energizer is an easy to use, fuel-saving device for Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, or Propane heating systems -- based on NASA rocket science. Designed to reduce heating costs for both home and small businesses.

● Natural Gas ● Fuel Oil ● Propane

The Combustion Energizer saves fuel by making it burn better which releases more heat from less fuel = big Dollar Savings. Increasing burning efficiency also reduces carbon emissions into the environment - a win win situation for everyone.

More heat from less fuel = a lifetime of big savings

The Combustion Energizer was designed based on decades of research and application, it uses advanced alloys that provide a very powerful system in a small, easy-to-install design.

Simple to install - no tools required

Just clamp the Combustion Energizer around your Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, or Propane fuel line and immediately you will begin to reduce heating costs. The Combustion Energizer is a one-time purchase allowing you to enjoy a lifetime of fuel savings for your home or small business.

Note from the Inventor Peter Kulish

I know that it is very hard to believe, but it is true. This simple looking combustion device gives wonderful savings. I know because I have been perfecting this technology around the world for 30 years and now, because Super-Powerful Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets have finally gone down in cost, it has made this fuel savings technology very affordable. Prior to this time, the best magnetic systems only provided half the savings and were much larger and much more expensive. Living in an age of continuing scientific advancements has given us the great advantage of being able to use these powerful systems at a very reasonable price. Enjoy, Peter

Combustion Energizer™ for a Lifetime of Savings! 

Natural Gas / Propane
Combustion Energizer

for a lifetime of savings 

A Natural Gas/Propane Combustion Energizer is required for each heating (furnace/boiler, water heater, dryer, fireplace, pool/spa heater or sauna) or cooking appliance (Pizza oven, fryer, stove) to save money. Putting one unit by the meter will not provide desired results. See FAQs

For Natural Gas / Propane systems

Price: $129.95 + S/H   

  Fuel Oil
Combustion Energizer

for a lifetime of savings

Fuel Oil Combustion Energizer

Price: $129.95
+ S/H

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