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Something new and promising is the prospect of using Cat's Claw with other medicinal herbs and plants. One such product has recently been introduced that combines Cat's Claw with watercress, burdock root, sheep sorrel, turkey rhubarb root and slippery elm bark. The last four herbs are what makeup the original formula from Canada known as Essiac.

In case you haven't heard of Essiac, here's the scoop: Rene Caisse, a registered nurse living in Canada learned of the original four herb formula from a patient in a hospital she had been working in. The patient reportedly had been cured of breast cancer by using this herbal preparation which had been given to her by an Ojibway Indian. In 1922 at the age of 33, Rene left the hospital and moved to Bracebridge, Ontario, where she began administering this formula to all who came to her. Later she named the formula Essiac, which is her last name spelled backwards.

The majority of her patients were referred by physicians who certified them as being terminal or incurable by the accepted methods of treatment. Nurse Caisse prepared the herbal remedy in her own kitchen and administered it both orally and by injection. In cases where there was severe damage to life support organs, her patients died. However, many of them lived far longer than the medical professionals had predicted and more significantly, they lived free of pain. Others who were listed as hopeless and terminal, but without severe damage to life support systems became cured and lived 35 to 45 more years.

Unfortunately, Caisse sold the rights to the name Essiac to a company in Canada which no longer prepares the individual herbs as she did and there are many knock off products under different names, that do not prepare the herbs as she did either. In order for the herbs to be most effective, sheep sorrel must never be boiled or its medicinal properties will be destroyed. It must be simmered for 20 minutes at no higher than 140 degrees. Burdock root and turkey rhubarb root must be boiled for 20 minutes and slippery elm bark needs to be boiled for 20 minutes, allowed to cool and then boiled again for another 20 minutes. This is a tedious procedure that must be followed religiously if one expects to see the kind of results experienced by nurse Caisse's patients.

A few years before her death, Caisse came to the United States and worked with Dr. Charles Brusch, the former personal physician to John F. Kennedy. Together they modified the original formula by adding a specific amount of watercress. This was done because the original formula contains a high level of oxalic acids which can contribute to forming kidney stones. Brusch and Caisse determined that the correct amount of watercress would help the kidneys flush the acids out of the system. Later this new five herb formula was given to Dr. Bill Maclean who began preparing all the herbs individually in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Recently, Dr. Maclean began adding Cat's Claw to the formula and it is now being offered commercially under a number of different names. Though it is to soon to know how effective this new product will be, preliminary reports suggest that it may be helpful with cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and even AIDS. It is certainly a product worthy of further investigation by the wholistic health community.

I suspect that over the next five years the potential of this product will become realized as more doctors and individuals begin using it. For now I am content in knowing that this product exists and is readily available to anyone who needs it.

Why Commercial Essiac and Most Essiac Knock-Off Products Are Only Partially Effective

The original Essiac Formula given to Rene Caisse can be traced back to the native Ojibway Indians of Canada. It is a formula that consists of four herbs: Burdock root, Slippery Elm bark, Turkey Rhubarb root and Sheep Sorrel. Of these four, the first three are referred to as hard tissue herbs (roots and/or barks) while the fourth is a soft tissue herb (leaves and/or flowers). Hard tissue herbs must be boiled in order to release all of their medicinal properties, while soft tissue herbs must be simmered at a temperature not exceeding 140 degrees.

The majority of these products available in health food stores today have all the herbs mixed together with instructions to either boil or simmer them and they cannot be prepared separately. If all herbs are boiled, the enzymes and other medicinal properties in the Sheep Sorrel will be destroyed. If all herbs are simmered together, much of the medicinal properties in the Burdock root, Slippery Elm bark and Turkey Rhubarb root will not be released.

This is the reason why many people do not experience the same results that Rene Caisse did, with her 50 plus years of using the formula in Canada.

I only know of one commercial product available in the United States that has proportioned the herbs according to the directions of Dr. Charles Brusch, the personal physician to John F. Kennedy, who modified the original formula with Rene Caisse, to include a specific amount of watercress. This product is called Ezzeac Plus.

Under the direction of Dr. Brusch, Dr. Bill Maclean has created Ezzeac Plus, a ready to use preparation where the hard tissue herbs are boiled separately and the soft tissue herbs, of which Watercress is included, are properly simmered. This is a labor intensive, more tedious procedure, resulting in a more expensive commercial product, at a higher cost to the consumer; however, when faced with a problem that this product might address, which product would you choose?

There is no doubt in my mind. I would choose the product where all the herbs have been prepared in the proper manner. That product is NEW - EZZEAC PLUS Concentrate - Smaller, more convenient size. Same Tea as the 32 oz. with Cat's Claw. Same Amount of Herbs, Just Half the Liquid, so you use half the amount your normally would. $47.95

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