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Natural Crop Yield Technology

● Greater Crop Yields & Profits
● Reduced Operating Costs
● Reduced Maintenance Costs

EnviroMagnetics Crop Energizer
Irrigation Systems

● Home Gardening ● Green Houses
● Commercial Farming
● Lawn Sprinklers ●Golf Courses ●Greenhouses

  • Taste & Nutrition Maintained and Enhanced
  • 100% to 300% Increased Harvest & Profits
  • 40% Less Water Usage, 40% less Pumping Energy Used
  • No External Power Requirements
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
Energized tomato from home
garden next to slice of bread

Top physicists working on plant yields specified that Mankind's survival will depend on greater food production.

Worldwide, major universities and independent growers have shown results in increased harvest yields with magnetic forces. An American researcher and inventor, Peter Kulish has created the most powerful system - the Monopolar [EnviroMagnetics] Crop Energizer Technology.

The Crop Energizer creates major increases in crop yields while maintaining taste and nutrition along with such issues as increased sugar content in melons and longer shelf life contributing to lower shipping costs.

Crop Energizer Technology has provided
the following results:

  • 100% increase wheat harvest with flood irrigation (picture on right)
  • 375% increased alfalfa harvest, 42% reduced water needs on wheel line,
    7 watering sets instead of 12
  • 186% increase in cucumber yield in home gardening
  • 200% increase in size and yields of tomatoes in home gardening
  • 300% increase in size and harvest of commercial onions - wheel line
  • 300% increase in lemons per tree - drip irrigation
  • 200% increase in cotton lint per acre - wheel line irrigation.
Most powerful systems in the world

EnviroMagnetics Crop Energizer Increases Crops and Profits - Saves Water, Money, Time, & Maintenance

  • Increases yields and profits 100% to 300%+
  • ROI often paid within first 3 weeks of application
  • Reduce operating costs: +40% reduction of water requirements, +40% less pumping costs
  • Saves time: 40%+ less watering sets
  • Reduces equipment maintenance: eliminates costly mineral buildup in sprinklers and irrigation nozzles.

EnviroMagnetics Crop Energizer provides the following growing benefits
  • High energy forces increases plant growing energy for 100%-300% increased harvest yields
  • Increased water solubility/penetrability maintains moisturize instead of pooling & evaporating.
  • Increased root growth. Energized water breaks up mineral and hard earth restrictions.

Simply clamps on in minutes

EnviroMagnetics makes a full line of Crop Energizers.

Order yours today.

Order a Crop Energizer for your garden hose and have it sent directly to your home Hose Energizer

  Price: $49.95 + S/H   


To get an estimate for a
Commercial Crop Energizer System for:

Any commercial irrigator system (drip, flood, wheel line, etc.), green house, golf course or any other commercial system, please contact  us my email at: drhealth (at) purehealthsystems (dot) com, or call 970-731-9724.

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Wholistic Nutritional Consultant

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