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Are YOU Breeding disease?

The following is a paraphrased excerpt from the book titled: "Your Health and the Natural System," by Dr. Jeffrey Maehr.

The following material is presented as food for thought about your future. This information is now being documented by science and is a reasonable concept to entertain. I expect this concept will be quite shocking for many to read, but it needs to be stated so you will realize the potential disaster we face as a people in this world. There are forces at work within many people that, unless checked, will precipitate a "snow ball" effect in the deteriorating health of millions of people.

Be sure to read further on possible Coming Plagues

If you think this is just talk, take a careful look at the LA Times Article which describes one aspect of this very scenario actually taking place as we speak!

Have you ever wondered "where" disease comes from? It was thought that small pox was exterminated at one time in the world, yet it has returned with a vengeance. The same is true for TB and other "historical" diseases. There must be an explanation for the persistence of such health problems.

Think about this. Any disease process that is "microbial" in nature absolutely MUST have a way to be spread among the population. The simple "exposure" to any organism DOES NOT mean that the individual will, in FACT, break out with the disease. Why is that? Why is it that when any 10 people are all exposed to the same "cold germs," that not all 10 get the flu? You have experienced that and so have I. The same goes with ANY disease process that is directly related to microbes of some kind.

The key is this. Unless the microbes have a medium in which to "BREED," they can NOT develop on their own. When the natural system at work within the human body is not adequately supplied with all the necessary elements, then a side effect of this is a weakening Immune System. The immune system is responsible for preventing any microbes from being able to set up housekeeping in our bodies. The usual symptoms related to various health problems are simply the "calling card" for any given microbe.

As more and more people in the world wander toward various nutrient deficiencies, so too, does the immune system's ability to defend the body decrease. It is most certainly a process which includes a slow, degenerative state overtaking the body and gradually allowing more and more microbes the ability to find a "home" in which to raise a family.

In affect, WE, OUR BODIES, are an unwitting host to these microbes. This allows for a "permanent" source of disease microbes. People can carry these microbes in what I call a "subclinical" condition. That is, they are weak enough to harbor the microbes, but not YET weak enough to exhibit the actual full blown disease. This "carrier" then passes it on to every person they have casual contact with. If the microbe is "lucky" enough, it will be passed to a body that ISN'T strong enough to resist and KILL these invaders.

With a little thought, you can imagine how this scenario could play a major role in future health problems. After all, it is a proven fact that the common cold is ALWAYS passed on from person to person through casual contact or through the air. Why then should we have such a hard time believing that we could ALSO harbor ANY OTHER MICROORGANISMS?

The fact is, that is the ONLY way disease can survive and pass on to others. When you have a collective situation where the immune systems of millions or even billions of people are steadily being eroded by fake foods, environmental pollution, household chemicals, beauty aids, etc., then you have a disaster waiting to happen, and happen it will. There is only one way anyone can beat this coming plague and that is through strengthening their personal health defenses NOW, while they have the means to do it.

Early in this century, there was an outbreak of "influenza," which killed millions of people. Today, we call influenza, "THE FLU." Yes, the same type of "flu" that we take as "normal" these days, and use an arsenal of ineffective medications against to try to "make the symptoms go away," is the SAME basic entity that KILLED millions of people in the past. Yet, today, we naively believe that this sort of thing couldn't possibly occur. Realize this. We have accepted the VERY SAME EVENT, which is on a smaller scale, the "Common" cold, and don't realize that this very structure is already set up and at work.

What we call "flu" is, in most cases, an early warning sign that our immune system is WEAK. It HAS to be weak for the microbes to be able to produce symptoms in us. The symptoms simply prove that we have already LOST the initial battle. Our defenses eventually rally enough to where we can overcome the invaders and win the war. However, when we dose ourselves with the "anti-runny nose, anti-sneezing, anti-congestion, anti, anti, anti. . . we are only fooling ourselves into believing the medications are fighting the real battle.

Do you really believe that the use of such things makes our immune system STRONGER? Do you think that by running after every little symptom with some chemical solution will strengthen our ability to fight future battles? Making the symptoms go away does not make the CAUSE of the symptoms to improve? Unless you understand your body and how it truly works, you will never really know how to build a strong defense. That is a monumentally important issue for us today. Unless we are individually strong and healthy, we will just become a supporting part of a future health crisis. It will do NO good to try to "get healthy" when it is too late.

If you feel more secure depending on drugs to defend your health, what do you think would happen when such things aren't available, or worse yet, ineffective. This is already being proclaimed in many ways across the country. "Super Germs" are even thriving on penicillin these days. We are having to move to stronger and stronger antibiotics to do the same job. Doesn't this raise some red flags?

If the same bugs are getting stronger, doesn't this mean we are actually BREEDING these bugs? We are creating our own future health crisis through manipulation of the genetic pool of the species of microbes we are trying to "kill." The strong ones survive and pass this resistance on to their offspring. This process continues as our immune systems are gradually weakened to the point that we can't even fight them WITH antibiotics. Add to this the premature degenerative changes that go along with a lousy diet, and you have an almost hopeless situation.

Unless you take stock of these facts right away, and begin to BUILD your immune system and minimize degenerative changes in your body, you will simply become a future statistic, and a contributor to the fall of others around you. Those are the cold, hard facts. They aren't simply scare tactics. YES, we WANT to get your attention and there's nothing like a dose of reality to do just that, but reality won't change.

Don't just take our word for it. Look into this for yourself. The evidence is all around you, everyday. Every cold, every health problem, every hospital cancer ward, people YOU know should bring these facts to mind. You need to educate yourself away from being slowly weakened and degenerated. You need to begin to build and empower your body to once again, do what it should be doing. This takes time and truth. You have the time, NOW, and we have the basic truth you need.

Prove it to yourself. EXPERIENCE the reality of your body working on "all 8 cylinders." Don't let the crowds force you along a dead end road. Begin NOW to reshape your life and health, before you pay too dear a price. To be sure, your health and that of your loved ones is at stake. Don't ignore the obvious. Don't put off what HAS to begin NOW. The sooner the better. It is much easier than you think.

Of course, most people want to know what to do against possible infective agents. These agents... bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, etc., can all play a part in damaging health. There are some basic, simple remedies for such agents, but it is important to try to identify the main agent. keep in mind that once you get one type of infective agent established in your body, it sets up "housekeeping" to invite other agents in and this compounds the health problems.

The place to start is to identify the main agents, and then address that one or two, and this, often, eliminates the other agents simply because of "spring cleaning." So begin with Homeopathic remedies and start with the usual two main enemies... bacteria ("Notasan" remedy), and virus ("Quentasan" remedy). If you have other known issues not in those two categories, please review the other homeopathic remedies under the other categories.

Jeffrey T. Maehr, D.C. (Ret.)
Certified Nutritional Microscopist
Wholistic Nutritional Consultant

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