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Beta Glucan - Continued

No Mystery:

Any responsible manufacturer of Beta Glucan has each batch tested. The cost of the test varies between independent testing facilities but generally runs $300 to $500 per test.  The test results are very straight forward and report the exact percentage of intact 1,3 and 1,6 linkage, as well as the fat, protein and ash (ash = impurities)  percentages.  Every manufacturer knows exactly what is in their product. 

The problem you will encounter comparing products is most manufactures will not detail the specifications on their products for obvious reasons.

The  chart above documents the test results of the top five Beta Glucan products.  Sealed samples for these comparisons were purchased through ordinary retail channels.  They were delivered to an FDA-certified laboratory and were all subjected to the same tests.   The John Hopkins University & R-Tech Laboratories  did multiple tests on multiple lots of these company's products over a period of more than one year. R-Tech is ISO 17025 and ISO 9002 certified using methods approved by the FDA and the USDA.

Transfer Point is the cleanest and purest WGP (Whole Glucan Particulant) Beta Glucan commercially available. 

89% active 1,3/1,6 linkage and 3% or less fat.  

How much Beta Glucan to take?   

Any amount of clean Beta Glucan will do some good.  A few milligrams (mg) of Beta Glucan will activate a few macrophages.  If you are attempting to activate the billions of macrophages in your body, you need to take a material dose of it each day.

The FDA does not allow retailers to "advertise" dosing information for specific medical conditions.

Like the bacteria in this picture, you need to flood your body with the physical Beta Glucan linkage so that all of your immune system will respond to something. Since you have billions of Macrophages and Natural Killer cells, a small dose of Beta Glucan can only give a few of the Macrophages and Natural Killer cells something to work on.  Larger amounts of Beta Glucan will make more of your immune system respond.


Unless you pay close attention to product specifications, you can easily purchase a product with a low percentage of active 1,3/1,6 linkage and a high percentage of fat.  This combination will result in a product not doing much, if anything, for your immune system.

Trust no one if you have a health issue and are researching Beta Glucan.  Anyone can reference an impressive list of links to the research on Beta Glucan or reference mis-quote research in such a way to make you think the research was done on their product.

A number of retailers are selling Beta Glucan, in a variety of doses (3 mg to 500 mg)  and purporting to all have the same immune system benefits of the research they reference, regardless of milligram dose.   The missing link is the absence of published clinical testing on their part and the lack of any scientifically acceptable peer-reviewed evidence.

The featured article/research in the April 25th, 2002 issue of the peer reviewed journal JANA (Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association) titled Yeast Beta 1,3-glucan and Its Use Against Anthrax Infection and in the Treatment of Cancer.  The JANA article addresses the effects of WGP (Whole Glucan Particulat) Beta Glucan, in laboratory tests, on cancer and lethal doses of Anthrax.  The Beta Glucan (oral dosed) used in the JANA research articles was specifically the same product being sold on this web site.  

Transfer Point Beta Glucan is the purest and most effective Beta Glucan you can buy in the supplement industry today. 89% active 1,3/1,6 linkage and 3% or less fat.  Its specifications are clearly superior, it is priced reasonably, and it is sold, not in micro dose, but high doses that produce real immune system benefits. 

You will not find a better  value, safer, or more effective product than Transfer Point's Beta Glucan.  If you don't know the differences between Beta Glucan products, your immune system will.

Healthy people normally do not research Beta Glucan;  people with health problems do. Take the time to understand the differences in Beta Glucan products.

$69.95 - 500 mg -  60 count bottle. (total 30,000 mgs)

$29.95 - 100 mg -  60 count bottle. (total 6,000 mgs)

Ingredients: Beta Glucan, Methylcellulose (anticaking).

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