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Allergies: The Bottom Line!

Allergies are a well known and miserable health problem that plagues millions of people. There are dozens of medications created to help alleviate the symptoms of allergic responses, and that is the problem; SYMPTOM RELIEF ONLY!

The Causes of allergies can be c=various, but here are a few

1. For a number of reasons, (discussed in The Greatest Health Threats such as enzyme deficiency (poor digestion), a "leaky gut," (allergies) - intestinal yeast problem, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, overweight - and more...) undigested proteins pass through the intestines into the blood stream INTACT. This basically means a FOREIGN PROTEIN, just like a virus or bacteria, "invades" the body.

The body can't do anything with UNDIGESTED proteins, except react to them as an enemy. This allergic reaction is what people experience as "ALLERGIES." When any foreign invasion takes place, the body creates what are called " circulating immune complexes."

These complexes remain in the body simply because they are not disposed of as they should be, and when the same "foreign" invader comes, the body reacts. The biggest reason these immune complexes remain? Enzyme Depletion! Enzymes are responsible for digesting these immune complexes and thereby eliminating the allergic response.

2. Subclinical infections are usually active in MOST humans and animals. These infections can produce very toxic substances which the body can react to, and which does tissue and organ damage over months, years and decades. The key is to Remove these Subclinical infections and allow the body to heal naturally.

It isn't as complicated as it may seem. Allergies are actually relatively easy to eliminate, once you work with the body's needs, eliminate Enzyme Depletion, Remove the Subclinical infections, and provide the missing Nutritional elements.


  • Eliminate or minimize the things you are allergic to as you treat the problem
  • Use a High Potency Enzyme Blend as directed BETWEEN MEALS
  • Be prepared for some great results!

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