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Ageless Secret Skin Rejuvenation



Ageless Secret Combo Pack

The Ageless Secret™Original and 1-oz Ageless Secret™ GOLD Combo

This special package allows you to try both and see which is best for you and your budget. The Ageless Secret GOLD has more ingredients and energy and is 7 times more potent as the Original.

After you get your order, the first thing you should do is test them on each hand and compare. A real nice and easy way to compare them is to do the skin elasticity test.

Here is what we recommend. Before applying the GOLD to the back of your hand check your skin elasticity. Simply place your hand palm down on a flat surface and gently pinch and pull up on your skin. Hold for about 5 seconds. Let go and watch how long it takes to flatten out.. Then spray 2 or 3 sprays of the GOLD. Rub in briskly to create heat. While waiting for it to dry… repeat the same procedure on your other hand, but this time spray it with the Original. Rub it in briskly to create heat.

The hand you treated with the GOLD will dry first. When dry, it feels silky smooth and looks beautifully hydrated. Test the skin elasticity. It is dramatically improved. When the other hand with the Original is dry, it also feels silky smooth. It also looks beautifully hydrated. It snaps back faster. Most people see that, although the Original is really good, the GOLD is even better.

The GOLD is 7 times stronger. We suggest that you use it as booster for the Original.

For example, use 10 sprays of the Original and 2 sprays of GOLD on your face. Massage in gently and spread it all over your face, neck and hands. It is optional to blow dry. For best results, finish it by waving a blow dryer on medium heat, about 20 seconds. Then spray with 10 more sprays of Original and 2 sprays of GOLD. Massage as before. Blow dry again for maximum tightening effect. Apply any moisturizer and make-up that you use. Results last about 8 hrs.

You can refresh your look, even over make-up with no mess, by spraying with 2 sprays of GOLD. Using The Ageless Secret™ this way, the Combo pack lasts about 30 days.

Also, The Original makes a fantastic all over body spray. Many customers use it when playing golf or tennis, or by the pool, to protect their skin from sun damage by keeping it super supple and well hydrated.

Ageless Secret Combo Price: $74.95
The Ageless Secret™ is not sticky, oily or greasy and it has no fragrance.

Watch our Ageless Secret TV Video for details on this great product!

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